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Nyfw mango insider

Pictures by James Chardon

NEW YORK LOOK VHey folks! Hope you’ll excuse the missing post yesterday : the fact is that I am completely jet lagged and at 10pm already I can literally fall in the middle of nowhere (I am not kidding…and this is actually embarrassing…) while I usually like to go bed quite late when I’m back in Europe, 1 or 2 am is perfectly fine for me on a normal basis. So it turns out, I am in one of the most exciting cities in the world, during fashion week, with toons of parties to attend and there I am, sleepy and slow like a clam sneezing on the couch… My excuse is that our schedule during this NYFW season has been quite hectic, running, rushing as usual from one spot to another, as always in super high heels. Almost everybody is now in the same city, and we want to take advantage of each second of the journey. Unfortunately it seems like my brain switches off past 8pm and I function in zombie mode. 

So yesterday, we were supposed to wake up at 6am to go to Tory Burch while we went to sleep at 2am because of the DKNY 25 birthday bash. The result is that it was impossible to wake up that early and we went for 7am instead. But some unplanned surcharge of traffic over here, some heels hiding in one of my suitcase over there and we were super late for the show and missed it. So let’s just say that it was really impossible to take some time off with my computer pal to post. But here I am again! So this time I decided to wear this ah-mazing suit from Mango (as you guys know we have this super exciting project going on where I’ll be their fashion insider for this year’s fashion season in NY, Milan and Paris) and to dress it down I picked some really cool, edgy elements such as the Balenciaga boots, Valentino rockstud bag that I got from Runin2 and lots of bracelets. That day, I went to see Tommy Hilfiger which is one of the biggest shows in NY and an emblematic brand on the american fashion market. Here’s a little preview of all the good things that were seen!And a little reminder, you guys can follow our fashion insider project by following the hashtag #mangoinsider on Instagram or clicking here to check the event, which is by the way also featured on Fashiolista.

SUIT: Mango
SHIRT : Mango
SHOES : Balenciaga
BAG : Valentino
BRACELET : Hermès ”Collier de Chien”
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