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Punk-ish in soho

Pictures by James Chardon

MY LOVE FOR TARTANOr should I say ”how I got influenced by the tartan over-dose in shops and magazines”, oh yes… I am just another little lamb following the trends this time… And I LOVE IT! Yes I do! I love how fashion makes me try new things from time to time and pushes me re-invent myself in a way I would have never tried before. And in fact it also leads me to another conclusion : I should push myself more, without the help of fashion or a whatsoever trend out there. I think back into my childhood when I used to drape myself with the living room’s curtains and imagine it’s a glamourous lady gown. What keeps me from doing it now (I do secretly dream of hanging out at NYFW with a curtain on the back)? It would be so insane. No, but honestly, what if the only fashion reference we had out there, was us. Just ourselves, our own brain, our own hands and nothing else? Would we think about wearing the perfect Chanel bag? Would we even find the ”boy” pretty?

Because I feel like all these trends and the fashion industry in general have such a huuuge influence on our perception (which is kind of the point isn’t it?). One day we looove prints, the next day we swear on black (ugh, I hate colours… I’ve been super grungy lately *smoking an electronic cigarette* huf huf… D’uh Hedi Slimane told you, you would be grungy). The new strategies and concepts are building up ”the new modern men/women”, some are taking in consideration what people are really, actually aspiring to wear, but yet some labels want to shock, make a mark (ever heard of yellow fur heels?). I watched this Jimmy Kimmel video and laughed my bum off. Seriously! Watch it and ask yourself the question? I am also just a little lamb? My point is, we should invent our own trends, our own fashion and style. We have the huge chance to have all these geniuses, incredible designers who offer us daily inspiration and a gigantic choice of clothing to build up our own dream closet. So this doesn’t mean you shoulnd’t adopt a new trend you love, but clearly never wear something you hate just because it’s trendy (Birkenstocks, I really hate you guys… even though you’re ”in”). So I do LOVE my tartan pants, and this whole new punk-ish look. As always my thing is to add some elegance and classic details to a rock n’ roll look, and this vintage Chanel bag is simply perfect. What are you thoughts on all this?

PANTS : Windsor
SHOES : Balenciaga
BAG : Chanel Vintage
TOP : Billabong
RINGS : Riza & Zia
JACKET : Lovers & Friends
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