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After the dolce gabbana show

Pictures by James Chardon

THIS GOLDEN LIGHT I must admit that I was sooo sooo (sososo)(so x10) excited to share these pictures with you folks… Okay, you know when you have that feeling when you’ve shot a pretty incredible picture (no need to have one of these huge cameras, it happens even more often with an Iphone!) and you’re like ”gotta share the love” and litterally put it everywhere (print it and stick it to the fridge, use it as a screen wallpaper, on your desktop, as a profile pictures on every social media, facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it) well that’s the feeling James and I had once we shot these images. It’s just that there was something quite magical happening with the light that day (and god knows what a good light can do to a picture… EVERYTHING! Not that I am the photography expert here but I’ve heard James saying it like a gazillion times so far…). I’ve watched this amazing video that Garance Doré did and she’s exploring a super interesting subject : is everyone a photographer now? I really suggest you to check it out, it’s really cool and very smart as it shows that afterall you can make an amazing shot, even better than with a camera, just by using your phone as it will capture a beautiful, spontaneous moment. So there you go! A lot fo you guys have been asking me which camera I use to take my Instagram pictures, well most of them were taken with my phone and edited with After Light, which is like the best app ever. Or James and I use this tiny winy camera called ”Ricoh” that is perfect for some events or parties where the light is very bad. 

James and I have been considering doing an article about photography tips and things like that as you guys seem to enjoy his work so much!! He is super flattered and I constantly have to repeat to him ”you’re good!” ”you have a huge talent!!” ”you have to open your own website and share more of your photography” but I just can’t get him to do it! He always told me that he likes to be backstage, behind the camera where nobody can bother him (but still I know how much he likes it when people come to him in the streets to congratulate him on his work, yes, yes, I see the little sparkle in his eye). And I thought, maybe you guys could convince him? PETITION TIME! We all want James to open his photography website (I mean… seriously… you should see his still lifes and street styles… no joke, they’re incredible). I am waiting for your comments people. I am waiting. So anyway back to the outfit now! It was a look I wore during Milan fashion week, right after the Dolce & Gabbana show. So you can see kind of the inspiration going on here! I was initially supposed to wear a dress from them, which I ended up pairing to this skirt because I found it even more cool! I find dresses quite boring sometimes (don’t ask me why, I have absolutely no clue), so I needed to add a little somethin’-something. Finally matched this incredible LV ”Vivienne” bag to it as well as a pair of timeless Manolos. Hope you guys like it!! 

P.S Stay updated as tomorrow we’ll be sharing some info about the Mango contest that will allow you guys to fly to one of your favourite fashion destiations! Yihaaa

TOP : Dress by Dolce & Gabbana
SKIRT : Skot
SHOES : Manolo Blahnik
BELT : A little mix of my necklaces that I created in a rush :)
NECKLACE : Rita & Zia
EARRINGS : Vintage Prada
LIPS : M.A.C ”Diva”
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