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Colour block it + mango contest!

Pictures by James Chardon

BACK AT MFW Since I am back from fashion month, I just didn’t know where to put myself. Like, seriously… I mean, I don’t know if I have some sort of a chronical ”workaholic” syndrom or something but I found myself actually feeling bad because I was relaxing and doing nothing for a couple of hours. There’s this tiny voice in my head that’s like ”hmmm watching breaking bad huh, you lazy little patato…and all those things you could do!!!”. Boom. Brainwash. I get up and I start doing 5 things at the same time. I swear, I am a master at multitasking. You see, the fact is that once you’ve been running all day for one month, barely sleeping, and eating, and suddenly you’re back home with a couple of hours in front of you : you freak out! It’s totally normal right? So after returning home from Paris, I decided to allow myself the week-end off and just do NO-THING (best activity in the world). Which ended up being very nerve wracking… Thank god yesterday, James and I were back behind our desk preparing new projects, answering to the pile of e-mails and managing new collaborations. My sanity is back… Do I have a problem?

Okay, not to sound all intellectual and everything but I feel like we live in a society (everytime I use society in a sentence I feel like a genius of some sort) that puts so much pressure on the shoulders of everybody. You have to be good at school, at work, at home, and do all these things on the side, and paint, and do maths, and charity and blah blah blah. And yes, we end up with FOMO, a.k.a the ”Fear Of Missing Out”, I fear missing out an opportunity, an idea, a project, a trip, a light one day that could allow us to make the perfect picture. Arrgghh. Competition is high, expectations are too and here we are in between all of this trying to make our way through. Ah guys… All these thoughts… Have you ever felt the same way? Or felt like you could be diagnosed with FOMO (okay it’s not a real disease, but hey, I am sure it could be one day!!). I let you swim in all this while I casually change of subject (I should seriously take writing classes, there we go : another task to add on the list). 

SO James and I made these pictures in Milan after the Emporio Armani show and before a meeting with the Versace team. I am wearing this amazing shirt from a new brand I am crushing on called N°21. A lot of you guys were like ”ew”, ”hate the shirt ew ew ew” on Instagram but I personally love it. Is something wrong with my eyes? I think the print is fan-tas-tic. I could see however other ways to style it but I liked the option with these orange trousers and adorable Valentino shoes, not to mention this mint bag from Sophie Hulme is a new love (got it from Emeza, obsessed with this online boutique). Now I will end this article by saying AFTW, a.k.a ”ambition for the win”

P.S Remember guys when I told you about an amazing contest in order to win a trip to one of your favourite fashion destinations thanks to Mango and Fashiolista? Well I invite you all to take part in the adventure and get a chance to win this incredible opportunity! All you have to do is check out the contest page by clicking here and choose your favourite Mango fashion week look that I’ve created this month!! Wish you lots of luck guys :)


SHIRT : N°21
PANTS : Romwe
SHOES : Valentino
BAG : Sophie Hulme 
BRACELETS : Rita & Zia
LIPS :Josie Maran ”Coral Delight”
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