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Fall beauty look

Pictures by James Chardon

BOLD AND BRIGHT I am currently writing this message from my hotel room in London while James is tightly sleeping next to me completely exhausted by an intesive flight and day of fittings, stylings and shooting! But being exhausted always seemed to sound like a positive thing in our vocabulary! Yes,yes it does. Means we haven’t lost a second and been really productive. We are suuuper duper happy to be back in England (it’s only my 2nd time in London, I feel like there is so much to see but so little time) as we are working during this stay on a special new project for Cadenzza’s new lookbook. Can’t wait to tell you all about it! The weather has been rainy and gloomy as hell so I must admit that our energy levels aren’t as good as usual, and we both needed a little ”perk me up”! So of course I thought of a little high tea session, as it is so typically british and oh my gawd so delicious. And there I am, naive and as innocent as I can be, calling the Claridge’s and asking if they have a table for 2 in order to have a high tea by the end of the day. The only reply I get is “sorry m’amm, we are fully booked until january 2014″……….Guess we’re not the only ones craiving a little treat on this gray day… Oh well Claridge’s… We will get to you one day… Beware…

I am very excited as next week (more precisely on Monday) is my 20th birthday! Oh my goosh, that’s actually in less than a week!! Holy cat. Okay now I am a little scared. Not that being 20 is super old or young or whatsoever it’s just the fact that time flies by so quickly that is quite… overwhleming. You know? I’ve decided that next week, I’ll be taking some time off from my beloved computer (will still keep on being a big nerd on social media of course) to spend some quality time with my family and friends while maybe getting on a little trip with them to celebrate my “entrée” in the adulthood. Yes, I won’t be a teen anymore. That’s dramatic… Regarding this special date and particulary the celebration, I’ve decided to try a new make-up look that I think is perfect for fall : we’re playing with some pink and silver shades. Le Vernis à Lèvres by YSL is definitely one of my favourite lip product ever as it is so glossy, shiny, bright and yet not sticky at all, which is a texture hard to find among lip glosses. Also instead of my usual bronze shadow I used Lancôme’s new Christmas collection (there you have a tiny little preview of what’s coming up, it’s going to be gor-geous) shadow pot in this beautiful shimmery silver shade. Now for me one of the most important point in any make-up is not the eyes, lips or brows (they’re all important but..), we’re talking about the skin. For this look I wanted something fresh and glowy so I used Lancôme’s new highlighter and some Dior blush in a gorgeous coral shade. Just a little bit to add this very healthy vibe. To set up the whole make-up I tried Guerlain’s new powder which I talked to you about in my previous goodies post. I absolutely love it, the texture is light, with good coverage and an amazing “météorites” scent! Of course make-up doesn’t go without the nails, I wanted to do something playfull so mix & matched some silver nail poslish from Estée Lauder with an O.P.I’s super sparkly top coat just on one nail for a fun touch. As for the look, I went for this gorgeous “beetle juice” ensemble by Mother of Pearl that I got from one of my favourite online luxury boutiques Emeza.

Don’t forget that you can still send me your questions for the Q&A which will take place either this week or next week! Looking forward to give some interesting insights! You can leave your comment bellow or use #askkristina on social media
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