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Girissima in london

Pictures by James Chardon

BLUE FOR YOU It’s our second day in London and I am very happy to share with you the first set of pictures that we shot on our arrival day. Usually, it’s a very bad sign when it’s raining as we arrive in a new place, first of all : talk about a good first impression, and second of all it’s just really, super, duper, uper, annoying… Seriously, people who like rain… Could you explain me? I mean, when there’s this kind of weather outside, I barely want to set a toe outside my doorstep and prefer to just snuggle under a blanket with tea. So my question is, how do british people cope with this gloomy rainy weather? It’s sorta depressing, just saying… But I do admit that it adds a little something special to the city, a certain charm that you can’t find anywhere else. So yes, when we arrived, I was a little bit disappointed (okay, it’s not like it was a surprise, it’s London afterall!), but then my mood got much better after having a little tea with scones and especially going to Liberty’s for the first time which is I think THE best store I have EVER been to in MY LIFE (yes the caps were needed). And I am being totally serious. Their selection is just insanity, from candles, to perfumes, to trendy high tech beauty brands I’ve never even heard of (which makes it 100x much more exciting) to tea cups, amazing designer clothing, crazy jewerly… And such a cute little Liberty’s caffé… Well you got it I think : I fell in love with the place. 

Now, we spent the whole day shooting the upcoming digital campaign for Cadenzza’s spring summer jewerly pieces (which is the reason of our stay in the city). Imagine I had to stroll through London with little summer dresses as the wind was blowing like mad, a pretty exhausting day I can tell you! We shot 6 gorgeous looks and I can’t wait to show you some backstage images and give you more information about this project. All I can say is that it’s going to be so, so nice! When travelling, I like to wear really comfy, cozy clothing if some freetime shows up. But of course, cozy doesn’t mean “boring” so I always look for some stylish pieces that still make me feel fashionable. I fell in love with these leopard trousers from Girissima. First of all the print is so good (I haven’t seen a similar version in any shop) and the cut is just per-fect. It’s like trainers but in such a stylish way. I decided to match them with this sexy blue Ba&sh top and some Anton Heunis earring to add a fun, bright touch.  Girissima have so many cool piece and it’s just an online shop that I absolutely love checking out for new trendy designers. Perfect look for a gloomy london day!

P.S At the end of this post you’ll see an image which wil redirect you to Breuninger’s facebook page and will allow you to take part in a contest in order to win an awesome trip to Düsseldorf in order to take part in a blogger academy session hosted by me and James as well as a little private talk with us!!! Check it out for more info and hope to meet you soon :)


TOP : Ba&Sh
TROUSERS : Custommade
EARRINGS : Anton Heunis
SHOES : Balenciaga
BAG : Rebecca Minkoff
COAT : Zara



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