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Kristina bazan for mango the video

THE FASHION WEEK DIARYWell I know that fashion week seems already like quite a while ago, but we are super duper excited to share with you guys this new special Kayture On-The-Go Mango video that we shot and that englobes the three fashion weeks we attended : Paris, Milan, New York! A lot of you have been writing us messages asking us why we haven’t made videos in such a long time! Hope the wait hasn’t been to long, or that it has been long enough to make you all super excited for this new one! As you may know, we had an absolutely lovely collaboration going on the whole fashion month with Mango as I was their official fashion insider. It is the first time that they’ve done something like that with an online influencer and it was truly a blast to take part in this whole new adventure. Except from attending some of the top shows, events, and presentations, I got the chance to enjoy each day some absolutely gorgeous Mango outfits that I personall picked out, selected and combined together to create THE perfect fashion week outfits. In the end, I was soo happy with the result as the clothing is so edgy and on trend with the last designer collections. Plus the designs were comfortable, the materials soft allowing me to run around the whole day without being bothered!

Hopefully you guys will love this little video. Thanks to Mango and Fashiolista for this fabulous experience (don’t forget to check out the special event page!) and we can’t wait to work again with their amazing team. Today is satruday, and James and I had the busiest week ever. It all started with a magical experience in Milan followed by a trip to Germany, Düsseldorf where we had the chance to share our exprience with some german bloggers and give some tips and advice of fashion photography and online business. We had such a great time and always feel so blessed to be able to take part in these kind of amazing experiences. James also revealed some of his favourite tricks for fashion photography which was really cool and excited everybody as we all know how important that point is for the quality of a fashion website. After all this we took the plain straight back to Geneva and I had to rush to an event at the hotel Président Wilson in Geneva and spent a lovely night with some of my girlfriends around a dinner afterwards. Talking about a busy time! Super excited to share all the pictures James and I shot during all these adventures! Make sure to stay updated :)

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