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Kristina bazan for rita & zia

ALL ABOUT JEWERLY As many of you folks know (and especially those of you who have been following the blog for quite a while no) that I always had a great relationship with Rita & Zia, which is this absolutely amazing jewerly brand from Geneva. So basically, a little heads up for those of you who just tuned it, the brand was born in Geneva created by the lovely Sandrine Barabinot and has now many shops accross Europe, amazing support from some of the best fashion press out there, above all some expectional designs and a great concept!! And it turns out that their HQ, the main boutique with the atelier where all the magic happens, is located in Geneva’s old city and is THE spot for all the fashion lovers looking for a modern yet super cool jewerly piece to complete an outfit. I must say that I am suuper proud and of them as Switzerland is a very difficult market, especially for brands going into fashion related products. So to see the success of Sandrine, and how she managed to grow an idea into this huge business with jewels that have become real icons is truly inspiring and I am so excited and happy each time I get to work with them and show my support! Honestly, ever since I discovered what their brand is about, the spirit, the ethics, how the pieces are made, I am in love. But also the fact that it’s swiss made, makes me love it even more.

Rita & Zia is a very cool, bohemian, kind of hippy, kind gypsy brand. But with a super luxurious, trendy and modern twist of course!! Afterall, Rita & Zia is to me really all about the symbols and  stacking up (which I lololove). Think about an infinite variety of colors, beads and large choice of symbols to choose from to fit exactly to your mood, your style, your personality! It’s actually soo much fun, you can create your own personal combination by mixing and adding up some pieces. Even though I am usually into delicate, tiny pieces, sometimes I love going for bold satements and Rita & Zia have always been pure sweethearts letting me wear some of their jewerly to fashion weeks and various events. Now this new season they have created more diversity in their range and you can find some smaller mettalic jewels that I honestly totally fell in love with. So this time, we worked with them on this really cool video project to talk to you guys about their new winter collection which has got all these new amazing symbols, colors and oh my gosh you have to see the boots!! Also this video is a great occasion to have a little glance at their boutique in Geneva as it is such an amazing place, you can really sense the Rita & Zia ambiance by being there. Hope you guys will enjoy it!! Wish you all a wonderfull saturday.

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