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Something special

Pictures by Olivia Bossert

PEACEFULL MOMENTSAs we were spending the past couple of days in Switzerland, I couldn’t but take a little stroll in town by the lake to admire this absolutely spectacular view that really took all my breath away… No matter where I travel, the incredible places I see and go to, for me, home will always be home and seing this stunning lake and sunset reflections in the water made me happy like a little clam. Sometimes, I will tell you what, it feels so great to be alone. Especially when you spend your days constantly chatting with everybody : I am a big talker so as soon as I have at least one person next to me I’ll do anything to entertain and therefore become a real little chatterbox (well I do have my days down, but usually I am always in the mood for a good, deep talk). Bla bla bla! Well that is just how I am… Maybe that’s because I grew up as an only child and was pushed to be social and independant very early on! So to fully switch of the electric pill mode, I have to take time to find myself alone and just enjoy some thinking time… And that’s where all the good ideas pop! So imagine taking some time alone by this view, with just a hot coffee and just your head to work and brainstorm great revolutionary concepts! How do you think Einstein came up with all his theories? Or Marie Curie… Alone fun time, I tell you. All these great things your brain will be able to come up with is pretty damn incredible! Of course there will be a moment where your brain will be all like : “hey… what’s going on? where’s everybody?” but suddenly it feels so good to have some peace and just enjoy a quite moment among all this rush, stress and so on. 

Obviously, when we shot these images with my lovely Olivia (I talked to you guys about her in yesterday’s post, you must check out her work, she is such a talent!!!) I wasn’t alone! In fact we had such a great time making these pictures. But I did take some time this week for myself, not a proper holiday, but a couple of hours in a week are enough for me! And believe me : it felt amazing. So I thought now that I am 20, should I change some things in my life? Make improvements, think further… I’ve always lived Carpe Diem even if I am also quite a strategic person. Still there are a couple of dreams of mine that I’d really like to run after and accomplish in the following years. Like my huge dream for music and fashion… Yes I always wanted to be a singer, in fact I feel like music has such a strong and deep bond with fashion. It’s two arts that compliment each other so perfectly, you got the visual part and then the sounds that comes to create the perfect harmony. A part from that I hope to build up my brand and I am working hard on that point. But I realised one thing as I was thinking about all this : the most exciting and interesting part is the chase! I am so up for a new challenge right now. So bring it on!!! Last but not least I wanted to tell you that the Q&A is coming up soon, it’s been quite busy around and we need a day off to film it so we might need to wait for next week! Stay tuned people :)

TOP : Mother Of Pearl via Emeza
SKIRT : Skot
SHOES : Balenciaga
BAG : Roger Vivier
JACKET : Mango
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