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Pictures by Elena Kuznetsova

SOME RED INSPIRATIONWriting to you straight from my hotel bed in Düsseldorf after a great day spent with the Breuninger team! I am so happy to be back in Germany and train my german skills. Yes… There was this glorious time when I used to speak it super fluently, honestly I was proud of myself, the accent was good, the intonation seemed right. And yet I somehow managed to forget almost all of it? You know what is the key to succeed in language learning? Practice. Seriously, without that, you’re lost! My english for example emproved so much ever since I started working full time on Kayture, now it seems even quite strange to have a interview in french, which I consider to be my home language even if I was born speaking russian : I feel much more comfortable with french. Some people say that it’s the language that you count it or dream in that makes it yours. Well I count in english, swear in french and think sometimes in russian. So what does that make me? Oh and mix it up with some german from here to there and you got my very strange social behaviour. So anyway, I am really glad to be back in Germany as it’s a new experience with Breuninger : in fact the second part of our collaboration (the first part took place during Berlin fashion week, you guys remember?). This time we flew in as they just opened their new gorgeous flagship store which is like a living dream. Heading there tomorrow to explore it a little deeper and teach a couple of blogging lessons to some lovely german bloggers that I am super excited to get to know.

Today I am excited to share with you this new outfit which is based on my current trend obsession : tartan. Honestly, not only does it reminds me of this period when Gwen Stefani always used to rock tartan (so that makes me obviously feel like some sort of badass rockstart when I wear it) but it’s also such a perfect print for fall! It makes me soo excited to be wearing these awesome trousers from Preen that I just got from Emeza! They’re really bright compaired to the ones I wore in NY which had a burgundy shade. These ones are pure red and look amazing paired with some black or white. I definitely wouldn’t suggest any color other than maybe navy, cream or nude. But hey, never say never! And I would love to see how you guys combine it! But I personally, couldn’t see tartan with orange, yellow, purple… Or whatsovever! When it comes to tartan, in my opinion, play it cool, play it basic and a little rock n’ roll. I went for this great topshop neoprene top, cool red leather jacket from Zara and of course my beloved timeless Chanel bag which can look a little rock/chic when paired to the right clothing pieces! So what are your thoughts babes? A big thanks again to my dear Elena Kuznetsova for the lovely pictures, feel free to check her amazing work here!


TOP : Topshop
BAG : Chanel
PANTS : Preen
RINGS : Vita Fede + Avinas
SHOES : Balenciaga
BRACELET : Michael Kors
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