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The end of a parisian afternoon

Pictures by James Chardon

MAGICI had the chance to stay in Paris quite often and as much as I usually love the city, our trip last week has turned out to be truly memorable and one of the best experiences ever. For which reason exactly? Well there are many of them to be totally honest. First of all, the simple fact that we actually had some real free time to enjoy the city was one of them. Paris during fashion week is a totally different thing, the atmosphere is completely different and well let’s say that you don’t get to explore that much. Paris during winter is something too! I’ve never been there for Christmas time and boy was I amazed by the incredible decoration set ups all around the city. There was such a fantastic vibe and magic going on. The shops were like out of a disney book with bright colors and glowing window displays. Ladurée was as always completely over-booked for lunch and the line for the macarons outside their boutique on the Champs Elysées went all around the building. The love for the macaron shall obviously never die (although I’ve heard that many new companies try to concurrence them by creating the new IT dessert, photogenic, cute and yummy… they’ve tried everything from the éclair, you have to go to L’éclair de génie in Paris, we’re talking serious éclair art, and some also started doing adorable little choux à la crème which for me are basically like miniature éclair versions… But the fact remains that macarons are the easiest ones to take on the go, are lighter than éclairs, even kind of cuter, are tiny bits you can share with you friends and perfect gifts! I am still a total supporter). Little gossip : I think Pierre Hermé macarons are getting even better than Ladurée, so make sure you stop by next time you’re in town. 

During our visit, we got to work on an absolutely amazing project which I can’t tell you a lot about, but as you may know if you follow me on Instagram it was with one of my favorite hair care labels : Kérastase. Yes that’s right! We filmed some very cool videos and shot great images which will only be released next year. Having the chance to work with their awesome team definitely made our trip so much more exciting, interesting and fun. But since I can’t tell you more about it, here’s what I’ll be telling you : walking down the avenue Montaigne by sunset while admiring all the gorgeous shops was part of the best moments of this trip without a single doubt… Dior, Saint Laurent, Chanel, Jimmy Choo… And going in if only just to look and get filled up with that parisian fashion aura. I may have gotten a little emotional at Dior… It was a little too beautiful to be true and I got overwhelmed by all this beauty. Such a sensitive little brat. What can I say, we’re bringing the pretty to another level here! Paris is also about enjoying coffee and croissants at a little brasserie. Just drinking it quietly while listening to other’s parisians conversations to totally soak in the ambiance (usually they complain or talk about politics… I’m just sayin’). Paris is also about being yelled at several times by taxi drivers as well as the bar tenders and restaurant waiters who seem to really hate you no matter when you decide to come in : whether when it’s fully booked or half empty. They always seem like they had better things to do than to speak with the annoying you. But it’s all part of the charm isn’t it? It was the first time that James really appreciated our stay in the city as he usually isn’t as fascinated as I am. I find the parisians so charming, I am in love with the architecture, I loved to be able to relax my brain a little and speak french like I do at home with my friends, fashion, shopping and food is like nowhere else. Paris is also about channeling that inner stylish, cool and effortless gal while you’re hanging out in the city. Not taking yourself too seriously but still looking “right here, right now”, just on trend and with the perfectly chic ensemble.

COAT : Zalando
SKIRT : Mango
BOOTS : Guess
BAG : Gucci
BRACELET : Louis Vuitton
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