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Kristina bazan sings unconditionally

Okay here we are guys. Kicking off this new year, 2014, with a big project of mine that comes from the bottom of my heart and from deep down my soul… Aah I’m excited like a little monkey!! I want to take advantage of this video to explain a little bit the why and the how come because a lot of you had many questions, many were surprised, some even quite chocked… But most of you were so supportive and encouraging. I can’t thank you enough for that.

The thing is, before opening Kayture, my biggest dream, and this throughout my whole childhood, was to be a performer. I grew up watching video clips of Madonna, Cher, Céline Dion (I think you got a little sneak peek of that in the Ten Hats Ten facts video!) and Britney Spears, singing every single word of The Little Mermaid bundled up in my mom’s evening dresses. My parents always related to me the stories of how hyper active I was when I was a kid, always throwing on shows for everybody at home, always creating some new dance moves, new songs and new dresses for my spectacles.

I grew up with a very simple background, and unfortunately my family didn’t have that much fundings to afford a proper music school, though I had the chance to take some singing classes and even sing on a little stage when I was like 4 (I’m dying, I want to find this video!!). When we moved to Kentucky, conditions for my family got even more challenging and it was impossible to do any extra activities. Luckily when we moved to Europe I started doing all of the things I loved the most, dancing, acting, singing. I was taking so many classes at the same time, I was passionate by classical ballet and took six year of extra training after school. I got in a singing school after passing an audition and even shared this passion with some friends in high school.

I would write songs to take my mind of off things, when I felt bad, or felt good, felt surprised or angry, I would take a pen and the music would take everything away. I’d dress up, wear make-up, heels and some gorgeous DIY dresses essentially made out of tulle and various pieces of textiles to create the perfect show look… And I would sing my hear out… annoying my neighbors to death.

I never though that blogging would come into my life like it did. It kind of took me by surprise, in fact I didn’t even know it existed at the time. But once I got in it, I was fascinated, obsessed and so passionate. I could create my world, share my messages, my feelings with people around the world, who could hopefully relate and bring in some more inspirational content. I was so hooked and motivated. Singing anyway never gave me lots of perspectives in Switzerland and the thing is, that I made the very big mistake of being afraid. Music is something so precious, intimate and powerful to me, I was so incredibly scared to share that part of me with people.

Like some of you may know, high school was a really though period for me for various reasons. And so, I was quite scared to acknowledge my passion for music and blogging felt like a relief. I could do my own thing far far away in the web bubble that felt so distant and reassuring. But I kept on singing every single day, doing it essentially for my own pleasure.

Of course when Kayture properly took off, my brain, heart and everything was entirely focused on it and wanted for it to be one of the best, if not the best, personal blog out there. High goals, high motivations. The higher you set the goal the higher you’ll get. And so my team and I worked like crazy people growing and enhancing the quality of Kayture. But something inside me told me that I would regret all my life if I didn’t do something about the singing. I never stopped, I always sang for myself, always wrote, kept that dream locked up somewhere in my mind for a time where I would be and feel ready for it. And I am now more than ready.

So I thought, either I do it at a 100% or I just don’t. And the answer was clear to me, I want to go all the way and do it at 400% with all my energy and determination. Like I told you, 2014 will be the year of new beginnings and I can’t be more proud and happy to share this new goal in my life with you all who’ve always been so loyal and dedicated.

To me, music and fashion are two wonderful elements which complete each other perfectly to create something truly unforgettable.

I hope you will enjoy this first video (because there is definitely so much more to come). Here’s an acoustic cover of Katy Perry’s wonderful song “Unconditionally”, thanks to all the team for helping build up this mini clip and Marie Traube at the guitar for her amazing skills. I can’t wait to share with you guys the songs that I wrote! Lots of love x.

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