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Kayture celebrates it’s 3rd birthday!

So many things are happening in this early year 2014. With the release of The New Kayture, I had to postpone my traditional and beloved Kayture birthday article which should have been released on the 11th on January. The date were I officially published my first post, back there three years ago on what began to be Kayture. We celebrated this week end with the whole team around some tea and macarons while filming my upcoming acoustic music video (which we are all dying to post). Patience. One thing is for sure… This year has been full of surprises. So much joy, so many tears, so much stress, so much fun, so many new people met, so many things learned, a couple of mistakes, incredible journeys, nerve wrecking drama, but above all… So much passion.

If I choose to show you on this blog only one side of my life, and let’s say, the best side possible, sometimes things happen behind the cameras and screens that are quite hard to deal with. It’s my personal choice to show and share only positive things with you even if I know that struggles can inspire and help as well. I think that positive messages help even more.

I decided from the beginning to keep Kayture a positive place, where you feel inspired with a healthy flow of messages and energy. I feel like they are so many websites right now that share such negative imageries and quotes with their audience, even if they don’t mean to I realize that some blogs just make you feel bad more than anything else. And I just hope, from the bottom of my heart, that sharing with you my adventures, or even simply my looks, inspires you, takes your mind off of something, or maybe even your stress or anger away for a couple of minutes to drown in a little world of travel, elegance, luxury, fun and fashion (you can always hate on me if you’re having a bad day!!! that might help to release anger levels hahaha!! aaah fascinating human nature, I’m the first one to yell when I’m in a bad mood, though I choose to yell in my songs more than on people, luckily).

I want Kayture to be your precious, dreamy escape. Full of iconic images and timeless elegance. I do realize that a lot of the things I show seem so out of this world. The beautiful clothing, the luxurious trips, where does it all come from!? It seems so unreal. Well I can tell you two things, I worked like a mad person for every, single, bit that I show on this blog. I do not come from a super wealthy family and even if I did by pure pride and personal dignity I would have been willing to do my own way and earn my own rewards, although I totally respect other’s choices as well. All the trips, all the clothes are the fruit of hard work which I choose for now to keep behind the cameras to allow full concentration and to avoid spoiling the content.

Management is a big part of Kayture, James and I who are the two lead members of the team, spend day and nights organizing to the detail each partnership, each trip, each clothing piece so that the article are effortless and perfectly blended together. I highly admire Steve Jobs and his work for Apple, some don’t realize the work it takes to create something simple and efficient. And it is our goal, we want it to be simple and easy in just a clic even if there were weeks, sometimes months of organization behind it. It might sound hard to understand but I think that people who own their own blogs might understand the concept a little bit better. When I didn’t have a blog, I thought that all these girls were super rich gals walking around with their luxury bags and doing nothing of their lives but having fun. Which sounded quite enraging yet fascinating. Yet I’ve met a lot of bloggers and most of them are working like crazy to be where they are. It’s a very simple circle, the harder you work, the better your quality, the better the projects, trips, partnerships and clothing deals.

I want to be as honest and transparent with you guys and I think this is also something that defines Kayture, is that here, what really matters to me is you and your experience. There are so many messages I want to share with you daily, and I’ve learned so much through this year of 2013. But my most important message is that, no matter what happens in life, no matter what you’re going through or how many struggles you’re having, what really is important is confidence, hope and love. I know it’s sounds super cheesy. But it’s so true. Loving yourself, believing in your dreams, fighting for it is above everything else. Because who will love you if you don’t love yourself first, you will support your ideas if you’d don’t deeply believe in them and how could you believe in them if you don’t work hard? Pretty simple method isn’t it? I live day by day keeping this in mind and this is what allows me to keep my head high in difficult situations (and believe me…there were a lot of them in 2013) yet stay deeply grounded because even though one thing is achieved there is always so much more to do. Know who you are define what you want, follow your instincts, they won’t tell you wrong.

2013 has been a year of bliss, and I know that 2014 will be the year of renewal. Music takes my heart, and there’s nothing else in this world that I want to do more than sing. To me fashion and music create the perfect harmony, this association between the visual and the sound is so fascinating. But more about that in the following days. I will tell you all about it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY  BABY KAYTURE!!!! I hope you’re going to be as many, as adorable, as smart and loyal this year than you were in 2013 beloved readers! Kayture really has the best followers in the entire world, such a fresh, determined, motivated team. I love you all guys so much, from the bottom of the heart, and I hope we’ll be able to meet up in 2014! Lots of love and success to all of you, may all your wishes come true.

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