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Paris with love gold part ii

Here is as promised the second backstage part of our parisian experience with Love Gold, the video being on it’s way (it should be posted tomorrow on the blog yaay)!! After spending the morning at Boucheron, Vuitton and Bulgari it was time to enter the fascinating world of Chanel and discover some of their latest fine jewelry creations. Chanel is all about timeless elegance, class, chic and … pearls. Lots of pearls. Since we were focused on gold, and more precisely yellow gold, our attention got hit right away by the new Baroque line which evolves around some imposant yellow gold pieces embellished with roses and pearls. A.k.a a girl’s dream.

After spending a little while discovering those precious beauties we enjoyed a little stroll through Paris, not only to enjoy the view but also to stop for a little tea break at the café Castiglione, which turns out to be THE fashion people place to be during fashion week as a lot of editors, journalists and models hang out here. And I learn that only now… Better late than never. Outside fashion week, it’s a cozy little luxury spot near all the shops, quite a chic place to enjoy a green tea in the middle of the afternoon (7EUR the cup hum hum… talking bout’ branding, hope there’s gold in that cup of tea).

We then enjoyed a delicious Japanese lunch near avenue Montaigne before having a little dessert a the Angelina on Rue Rivoli and I decided to continue on that track and get myself for dinner a big box of Pierre Hermé macarons. James and I got back to our hotel room, and instead of ordering dinner I stuffed myself with delicious macarons from heavens of gods all evening long, a parisian must do (have you ever tried a fois gras macaron? I did… and it was… very, very strange though surprising. I am definitely getting vegan haha).

We spent the evening in, I worked on my music and dreamed about all the gorgeous things I’ve seen during the day. I really have to pinch myself thinking about these amazing experiences we live and all the beautiful things our eyes get to see. It’s so important to take a minute, or ten, everyday to feel grateful and remind myself of what’s really important. Cause you can get used to all this luxury so easily if you don’t take a step back. I hope you guys will enjoy this last part and escape in this dreamy world of parisian elegance, but remember all of these pretty things are nothing without a beautiful person for  them to worn, beautiful from inside out. enjoy! x



COAT : Sandro

PANTS : Mango

SHOES : Saint Laurent

BAG : Valentino

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