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Welcome to the new kayture!

Okay guys!! Finally, after all the wait (the headaches and the sleepless nights) here is for you… The New Kayture revealed!!!! I can’t even explain the emotion that I have sharing with you this new design. The whole process took a little less than a year, but I can’t be happier. But I don’t regret all the  tremendous efforts that were involved in it. James and I were working non stop, we wanted for it to be perfect. Having seen Kayture grow and evolve from the inside was truly something extraordinary. I’ve seen it develop through all the phases and become what it is today. This new layout represents perfectly the state of mind that I’m in right now, it couldn’t be more timeless. I wanted something that will remain, something that I won’t stop loving.

I feel like when I turned 20 this October, I really gained something in maturity… I don’t really know how to explain it but I just don’t feel like a little girl anymore. I feel like a woman, a woman full of dreams and ambitions that I am going to fight for in 2014 no matter what. I wanted something elegant, and sophisticated that will draw the attention to the articles instead of a colorful, buzzing design that might be a little too over the top and take away the attention from the key element on Kayture : the content. Without any further wait, I’ll let you discover this brand new world of Kayture and see you tomorrow for a new article!!!! Tweet/Instagram us your thoughts about the #newkayture by using the hashtag, or leave us a comment bellow. Can’t wait to hear all your thoughts!!!!

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