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Milan fashion week day iii

It’s funny how sometimes the most simple things can have the biggest impact. On our third day at Milan fashion week, the only thing I was craving was a good italian cappuccino and of course, one of their incredible gelatos. It felt like at this moment… nothing could have made me happier than that! And you know what? I was right. Sometimes, an ice cream can definitely change the mood of an entire day!!!

Our third day in Milan was a pure blast, just the right amount of meetings and shows, allowing us to take a couple of hours in town to make these images as well as get some delicious sweets : sugar is definitely needed during that period of the year! As we were strolling through the streets near café Cova, I couldn’t but notice how absolutely gorgeous people are in Milan, everybody, from all ages and types were so elegant and classy. Of course that’s usually what happens during fashion week, lots of stylish people in one place, but this time it was different. I just noticed how people, that obviously have nothing to do with fashion industry pay a close look to their outfits, adding such nice details and pieces. I couldn’t stop staring at everybody passing by.

That day I went for a retro inspired look with this crazy skirt that believe it or not : I got at H&M, matched with some creamy white pieces. This look is kind of like cinnamon and vanilla, very soft, feminine and elegant. Of course the hair changes everything too, aahh if only I could have these kind of curlew every morning…

James and I came back from Milan this evening, we’ve got a couple of hours to pack our luggages and we’re off straight away to Los Angeles for a super exciting project with Piaget! Make sure to stay updated for all the news guys, posting tomorrow the last Milan fashion week look article, so don’t forget to tune in and find out all the details! Lots of love my darlings (P.S was SO nice to meet some of you during/before/after the shows, you guys are honestly the best, meeting you all are probably some of my favorite moments ever). xxxx



COAT : Tara Jarmont (Similar Here)

SKIRT : H&M (Similar Here)

TOP : Mango

BAG : Saint Laurent

SHOES : Valentino

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