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Kristina bazan is going pop for safilo

Do you guys remember when I worked on a secret project in Milan during fashion week? Well I am super excited to reveal to you all today this new set of images shot by the talented Simone Falcetta for Safilo’s new “Physical Expressions of Digital Leadership” project. I had the chance to work with the amazing Safilo and Attila&Co team last year on the similar project and the only thing I can remember is how much fun I had and how fantastic the images turned out.

Safilo is the global producer of luxury eye wear. Yes, yes, you’ve heard me! The Dior or Marc Jacobs sunnies you wear on the tip of your nose have been produced by Safilo and you can be proud as it’s a real symbol and value of quality : they are definitely one of the best, if not the best on the market. Attila&Co, the agency who reached out to us, were kind enough to organize everything so that the shooting goes smoothly. Again, I had the pleasure to get my make-up done by the sweet Deborah Sasso Twa, who always teaches me a lot of great info about contouring and highlighting. Next time I’m taking my notebook with me and I’m writing down every word she says.

This year the inspiration behind this set of images is obviously evolving around a lot of… colors! If last year it was all about sleek minimalism, this year it’s about pop art, bold, bright shades and eccentricity. The brand selected several influencers to wear and style their eye wear. I had the chance to work these stunning Jimmy Choo sunnies. It was so much fun to play with facial expressions and see the result turn into pop art. Hope you guys will enjoy this shooting! As you are reading this, we are on our way to Rome to work on a new project! Make sure to follow all the live updates on Instagram! x

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