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Lounging with piaget in l.a

After landing in Switzerland last friday, I feel like I couldn’t lay back for a second ever since then! This trip to Los Angeles, gave me SUCH an energy, such a motivation, and I am so excited for everything that’s in process and the direction things are taking.

I definitely am up for a big change this year, and my gosh how great it was to talk about my music with some creative, and super passionate people who did understand my vision at a 100%. Also not to mention that I loved this feeling of freedom and happiness that just floated in the air : it’s all about taking your life in hands and doing what you love, providing yourself with the tools to do what you love and just… well…being happy!

And you know what, during this trip, I just woke up every single morning feeling so grateful, happy and blessed… to the point where I actually had to ask myself wtf was happening!! I am serious… In Europe we always manage to squeeze in some little complaining here and there, I mean generally speaking of course. But in this case, it was just impossible. I am usually such a positive person, but we all have good and bad days, and I can hardly pick one bad or so so day during our stay in L.A

So this goes without saying that James and I are planning to move there, more precisely to pursue my music career and to develop Kayture as we have some very interesting perspectives for it! We’ve been willing to move ever since last year and hopefully this year it’s finally going to happen as it all depends on some formalities that we unfortunately have to go through. But of course, I won’t loose my european touch, I’m a swiss gal by heart (although I feel like the world belongs to all of us, I mean in the end, the world is so small isn’t it?), and I definitely make it a home anywhere I travel.

This whole energy and spirit definitely inspired us so much for the shootings we did worked on while we were there. I am so happy to reveal today our last shoot with Piaget, as we were their special guest during the independent movie awards, The Spirit Awards, in Los Angeles! There were so many exciting events around this big ceremony and of course a lot of absolutely jaw dropping jewelry. I had the chance to choose some of my favorite pieces for this exclusive shooting at the Viceroy hotel, while sipping on a little virgin cocktail (f.y.i I don’t drink, 2014 resolution!) feeling all glam in the cozy lounge area.

Now let’s pause for a sec please… I mean, how gorgeous is this incredible high jewelry necklace? Each stone has been precisely hand picked and selected for this real piece of art, making it such a bold and extravagant statement necklace. Working with Piaget for me represents working with the top quality and with the most refined products. Their knowledge and craftsmanship always blows me away, and having the honor to wear some of their jewels if only for a couple of hours is such a fairytale. I hope you guys will enjoy these images! I want to know what does Piaget inspire you and also tell me, have you every been to Los Angeles? If yes then I want to know all about your experiences and of course if you got any recommendations then bring it on :)



JEWELS : Piaget

DRESS : Louis Vuitton 

SHOES : Michael Kors


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