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Cameras, lights, action!


After dealing with days of wi-fi troubles due to a hotel maze, I am finally able to log in safely on Kayture and work on a decent network! The perks of a traveler you’ll say. Finding a spot where I can upload 7’000px images can be a real nerve wrecking session. A blogger with a good wi-fi is a happy blogger, that’s all I got to say! But anyway back to our business :3

I am SO incredibly honored to share with you today a project that means a lot to me. Do you guys remember when we were in Paris several months ago and were filming the whole day with the Kérastase team? Well I can finally tell you more details about what’s about to come and I can’t be more happy with the way things turned out. The final result is just blowing my mind.

I am extremely picky about the brands I work with, first of all I work only with brands I’d die for, brands I love and who’s products I use on a regular basis and cherish for it’s quality. Being a big hair care junky, when I got reached out by Kérastase who fell in love with Kayture, I couldn’t feel more blessed as my shower was filled up with their shampoos and masks. It is indeed the perfect fit : Kérastase, Kayture, luxurious, modern, playful and sexy. There’s something with that “K” that makes it even more special (Hello Kate Moss as the face of the adds)!

But in this case, it was even more exciting as they came up with a new line of products called Couture Styling which is coming out in stores really soon, they are the perfect products to use in order to create fashionable, runway fashion week ready hair styles. All of that on the go! Exactly what I do everyday. So yup, Kérastase, Kayture, Couture Styling, it was just a perfect match.

So the whole project evolved around the idea of me sharing with you three of my favorite hair up do’s using the Couture Styling line in order to create in a few easy to do step some super chic hair styles that you guys could very easily reproduce at home! I will share with you all the videos in the following days! Ah,  this is such a perfect project.

Meanwhile, I have the pleasure to share the backstage shots from our day of filming with the Kérastase team in Paris at their studio with their absolutely lovely team. We had so much fun that day and worked so hard on making the best content possible. I hope you guys will love it as much as I do!! xxxx

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