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A pop of mint


The arrival of summer always get’s me excited to try new things out and especially experiment with colors. When it comes to the cold days and winter, I am all about the nudes, the blacks, the navy blue and all those things… But summer for me is synonym of the tropics, of gorgeous exotic flowers, palm trees, blue skies, colorful cocktails and extravagant Ibiza ready bikinis.

With all of that being said, I have to admit, lately I’ve been in a very particular make-up phase of “less is more”. My religiously done on a daily basis cat eye has been gone for a while as I’ve had a little allergic reaction to a new eye liner I purchased, but now that I got my precious Dior one back on it’s all fine. Gotta say, it felt good to hang around with a more natural face, I kind of felt naked though without my usual little eye liner thing going on but I surprisingly liked it a lot.

Also, instead of going for the big preparation routine of primer, blush and foundation, I use now only two little pots : the RMS cover up in 00 as my corrector “foundation” and a little RMS blush pot that I also dab on the lips from time to time (big cheers to organic make-up whoohoo!). And voilà. Nothing else. If I go to an even in the evening time, I’ll definitely throw on some powder but it’s so nice to let the skin breathe when hot days arrive.

So as I said, I’ve been experimenting quite a lot and end up being in a phase where I am highly interested in doing things differently. While thinking about an interesting idea for a summer make-up, I spotted that amazing eye pencil color by Nars called “Barrow Street” which is a beautiful tropical looking mint green.I bought right away in total awe like a desperate shopaholic, not really knowing what I’d do with it, but I couldn’t resist the color, it’s one of my favorites. It is indeed hard to pull out a color a like this one but here’s what I decided to do.

1. I first of all applied a little eye cream on my lid to have sort of creamy base to apply the eye pencil on. If you skip this step, your eye lid might be over dried my the rough finish of the product, so I highly suggest it and/or using a creamy primer. The color goes on the crease and is blended out.

2. I re-created my traditional cat eye, eye liner routine (curious to know how to do it? follow the steps by clicking here).

3. Last but not least : mascara!

Et voilà, just as easy as it sounds. It goes perfectly along with some coral lipstick, I’m obsessed with the color Bolero from Nars, it’s the perfect shade for summer. This make-up look is quite intriguing and original, I find it so awesome and perfect for a cocktail party by the pool, a night out during holidays or any special occasion. Of course, this goes without saying that you can use any bright eye pencil or eye shadow color to create this pop eye. Your turn to be creative!


EYES : Nars Larger than life Eyeliner ” Barrow Street”

LIPS : Nars ” Bolero”


FOUNDATION : RMS “Cover Up 00”


NECKLACE : Ek Thongprasert


TOP  : H&M


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