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My current skin care must haves

THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG ARTICLE. So to all beauty junkies, bare with me! We can do this. Being a total beauty freak, one thing that I am always super happy to talk about is of course skin care. Because who cares for a beautiful make-up if the skin underneath it is damaged? Before worrying about covering it all up, try to think about giving it some attention and care first and foremost. Instead of layers of foundation (it’s not a cupcake that needs frosting after all!) see how a good skin care routine can not only reduce the time spent doing your make-up but also grow your confidence drastically! I mean isn’t it the best thing in the world to walk out bare faced and feel the wind blowing on your fresh skin, not on your layers of coverage?

I’ve always been the one to apply tons of foundation, the more the merrier. I mean when you shoot pictures all day, you sort of have that pressure to look camera ready all the time, and a red zit on the forehead isn’t really cool… Nope. On another note, I always had this weird obsession to hide my freckles as I wanted my skin to look clear and perfect… At some point I started using concealer almost all over my face as it was the most covering formula I found. So w-r-o-n-g. And so sad. Why did I want to hide my face like that? I now understand that those freckles kind of make me who I am, and hiding them is just such a miserable gesture towards myself. I should instead celebrate those cuties. But it’s just those mistakes we all make I guess. In the end it’s like a vicious circle, the more you cover it up, the more you clog your pores, the more blemishes and imperfections you’ll get and the more you’ll need to cover it up!


BOOM! Crisis… 


I took me a long time to figure it out until that one time when I got sick. I spent 5 days at home without wearing any make-up which made me realize that my skin was gently healing from all the damage I did to it. So you guys might not have seen the imperfections (simply because I’ve always did such a good job at covering it up) but I do tend to have some serious troubles especially on the forehead. And what’s so annoying about it is that it isn’t only caused by make-up, it can also appear because of stress, lack of sleep and especially a bad diet. For example, every time I eat processed foods, drink alcohol, or worst case scenario encounter gluten, my skin completely freaks out. And James is the one who always witnesses the apocalypse, because from one day to another my skin will just completely break out. So it’s all about figuring out what are your causes and act in consequence avoiding what’s  bad for you.

But here is my story : since I live a pretty speed up life, travelling almost constantly… wait I mean constantly, being in a different country every week means always eating new foods, using/drinking different types of water, experimenting constant climatic changes, all of that is very stressful and impactful on your skin (I just recently learned about that water thing for example! the PH of the water from one country to another can change a lot and therefore have a different impact, good or bad on your skin, isn’t it crazy?!). So add on top of that a lot of make-up because of the various shooting we do on a daily basis, a lack of sleep because of days filled with shoots/meetings in the mornings and evenings packed with events/emails/article editing, I can tell you :

My skin is kind of yelling

“HELP” all the time. 


After trying almost everything to improve my skin’s condition, I kind of abandoned and settled down with some of my mainstream beauty parlor products that I paid a fortune for but wasn’t fully satisfied with. At the same time, I started eating very healthy and really cared about what I put in my body and on my body. I completely stopped drinking alcohol, I don’t eat meat (only fish), and of course stay far away from gluten. This already helped my skin a lot (because that’s what didn’t work for me, but it can be something different for you) but while researching all of that I came across a big diversity of organic skin care products. And I hit the jackpot!

So one thing I’d start by suggesting you guys if you can relate to this is to make a skin care break. Let your skin breath for a week or so and try to use as many organic products as possible in order to start your new routine fresh. I used coconut oil as my only cleanser and moisturizer with just some rose water as toner and it was the perfect combo to allow my skin some rest. And then build up your perfect skin care routine with some of your favorite beauty products. And make sure to read your labels! You don’t want some nasty chemicals on your face, make your research before buying anything. A good marketing doesn’t mean a good product or result.

Investing in a good skin care is the best you could do because it will save you up so much time and make-up money, plus it will give bags of confidence to show your real face, your real bare, beautiful, healthy skin. If you worry about your skin care’s budget, my advice would be simply to go to your local pharmacy and invest in coconut oil, Argan oil and rose water. Try to stay as simple as possible and listen to your skin’s real needs, don’t be influenced by all those commercials and marketing stunts and invest in what’s really worth for you.

I personally like to change my routine monthly as I feel like my skin gets used to the products very quickly. So last month, I used all the Kenzoki range which I love and this month I’ve been using the products listed bellow (which you can see in the image). These are some of my precious discoveries and probably all time favorites as I took the risk to shop less “commercialized” brands and try for the first time some organic products. It’s all thanks to recommendations and months of trying different things, so I am really excited to share the info with you. I got most of these products online, there’s no better place to find niche products that aren’t as promoted but are truly amazing for their components (plus before clicking buy you can really make your research not like in a mall where you got somebody from sales pressuring you to get the perfume that goes along with the cream…. we all know that situation). Hope this article can help you guys give your skin a healthy kick and the care it deserves.

I am happy to share 

with you my 10 favorites. 

1. Amanda Lacey – Cleansing Pomade

I’ll be revealing the products in the order that I use them in my routine so that it’s easier for you guys to follow! So, one thing that I’d suggest is to completely stop using any cleanser or make-up remover that foams. This is the least natural formula you could get (just think about all the chemicals needed to make the liquid foam) and most aggressive one for your skin. I deeply, madly fell in love with Amanda Lacey’s skin care line. Not only is her cleanser a pure dream, but her whole line is super delicate, nourishing and comforting. After using her cleansing pomade, I feel like my skin is gently exfoliated and super clean. I’ve tried so many cleansing balms and I have to say this one is my favorite so far! The price kind of hurts, but it last a very long time as you just need a drop to take all your make-up off, and the result is worth the investment. If you don’t trust me, try her starter kit and you’ll understand exactly what I am talking about… Word.

2. Kora – Cream Cleanser

I’ve always been intrigued by the Kora sensation (organic skin care brand founded by Miranda Kerr and her perfectly perfect complexion) and for a long time I was wondering if it’s just a marketing stunt or if it’s really that good? Because the packaging is just so gorgeous too. So I have tried it and I can say that this cleanser is simply awesome. For a skin that needs extra nourishment, this is the perfect product. I’m always used to cleansing twice, first to remove make-up and then to deeply clean the pores and this has been the perfect solution. I truly recommend this product for all sensitive skins or dry skins that love a deep hydratation.

3.Kate Sommerville – Exfolikate

One of Kate Somerville’s highlight products and I do agree : it’s a keeper. I like exfolikating, urm sorry I mean exfoliating (huhu) my skin once a week (don’t over abuse it, it’s good but if you exfoliate too much then it can also turn out being too aggressive for your skin and leading to break outs) which I find largely enough. This one is great because the grains are extremely small and very precise, after the scrub you leave the product on for it to work as a mask for 10min. A great 2 in 1, especially when travelling! And I also highly recommend her book, which I got and read really carefully. Amazing tips to get a healthy glowing complexion. Nothing better than skin care shopping and knowing what all the products are really about.

4. Avène – Eau Thermale

It’s a classic. If you haven’t tried it, try it. If you tried it, then you probably love it too. You can’t really go wrong with it as it’s such a multi purpose product. I use it as a soothing toner after I cleanse my skin morning and evening, but I also like to use it in summer when it gets really hot outside and I need a little fresh mist, I use it on the plain for some hydratation and last but not least, my special creation, I use it to stay awake late at night when I write my articles (just like I do now……). And I am not even kidding… I just spray it on my face and it wakes me up. This is SO much better than coffee!!! Who’s with me?!

5. Sunday Riley – Start Over

Now needless to say, I am completely, head over heels and obsessed with this brand. Not only is the packaging pure perfection but the product itself is truly great. I’ve hear about the brand all over the press and was glad to see how selective they are about their products. You won’t find 10 different types of creams and 20 cleansers, it’s all about the best formula in each unique product. This eye cream is my favorite because I tend to have bags under my eyes when I don’t sleep enough, and that happens almost on a daily basis… But anyway, not only does this cream tingles when you put it on, I feel like it wakes you up because of it’s cold texture, it also diminishes the appearance of bags. A big win!

6. ActivAroma – Pure Argan Oil

Argan Oil has been one of my favorites ever since I discovered it for it’s multi benefits and high moisturizing properties. I just recently found out about ActivAroma, and again I was super seduced by the packaging, but a good friend of mine was sweet enough to send me two different oils to try (oh boy did she know my taste) and I couldn’t but fall in love. I am big on beauty oils, I really believe that there’s nothing better and more natural. I use this one on my skin, on my hair, on my body, everywhere I feel like I need a little extra hydratation. And it works like magic. Eager to discover their other products!

7. Balmology – Comfort Balm

Holy grail, praise this product until the last drop! Oh heavens all mighty. I already finished a pot, and almost done with the second one. This is by far, my favorite moisturizer of all times. It’s so hydrating and of course completely organic since we’re talking about it. What I love the most about it, is that it’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic so you are sure to never break out because of it and instead to heal and relief your skin from all the stress it might have endured. It’s my mighty little magic pot that I cherish so much. Highly, highly suggest.

10. Eos – Mint Balm

Okay, so as “mainstream” as it may sound, I am a HUGE fan of those little cute lip balm eggs. If they are a tremendous sensation in the US, I know that a lot of people haven’t heard about them yet, especially in Europe. So the Eos (kind of sounds like an apple product doesn’t it?) are those cute little egg shaped lip balms that come out in all those different sorts of flavors. I’ve tried several ones of them and my favorite is mint, because it just gives you that freshness. I dare to put this products in the list (although it definitely isn’t organic) because the texture is simply great. I love buying and trying new lip balms, and so many are just like plastic one the lips with no hydratation virtues at all. This one really works, is super hygienic and quirky too. The design is so efficient and looks really cool in the purse. I love it so much, it’s always so fun to see people’s reaction when I take it out of the purse to apply it on my lips : great conversation starter!!

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