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Dawn in shanghai

Bonjour!!!! I am back. Finally! After two weeks of craziness, I am finally here, feeding my baby boo Kayture with content food. I am so sorry sweet pies, if fashion week has always seemed like the most stressful period of the year, the two weeks we’ve had lately have been just as (if not more) intense.

This article will focus more precisely on our trip in Shanghai BUT let me explain briefly what happened. This period of the year has always been very rich in events, first of all because it is cruise season, so all the biggest couture brands show their newest cruise collection (kind of like a fashion week but the shows can be anywhere in the world). It is also the highly anticipated Cannes film festival season where celebrities and influencers from all over the word meet to celebrate the movie industry. Of course it is a very important fashion moment, if fashion weeks are all about the perfect street style look, Cannes is all about the perfect red carpet outfit.

So here we were, invited first of all to Shanghai by Omega to attend their international event, we then flew directly to Monaco to assist at Vuitton’s cruise show and ended up in Cannes for a crazy, and I mean CRAZY film festival season. So many things to tell you, so many stories and anecdotes to share. I simply can’t wait. From now on, you’ll be able to find updates on Kayture every single day, and it’s a promise.

It was so hard, soooo hard to post these past two weeks. Our schedule was nuts. Litterally nuts. We had a jam packed agenda with events planned hour per hour, barely had time to eat some days but it was so worth it. My heart is still filled with emotions. I have to admit that I’ve never experienced such busy and emotional time before, it was simply…incredible. Since I edit all the pictures of the blog myself and create all the content (it takes me up to 3 hours to create a post on the blog), let’s just say that it was very difficult to update Kayture as much as I usually do. No complains but we do need more people in our team!! At least I am back with tooons of content and can’t wait to tell you all the beautiful stories we accumulated bits by bits :)

It’s the second time that James and I had the chance to explore Shanghai. If the first time we stayed in the city for less than 4 days, this time we had something  like a week to explore. We had a pretty busy time with Omega but still managed to squeeze in some hunting time to find THE cool places. I have to say, it was very hard to communicate as many people didn’t speak english but it was so fun and interesting to feel that small in such a vaste city like Shanghai.

We did feel super disoriented at some point. The culture is so different, the food, the behaviors. But it did shake me up a little bit and opened my eyes and mind on a lot of new things (I still have troubles understanding how it could be possible to eat dog meat for example)… I need to say that I felt much more at ease in Japan but China is a beautiful country the way it is. It was so funny to see people staring at me in the streets because of my white skin and blonde hair. Even had folks coming up to me to make pictures! James and I had so much fun hanging out in the streets of the city after a busy day of shooting for Omega in the Xin Tian Di area. For that occasion I picked a casual outfit but as always with a fashionable twist, some Chanel flats and this beautiful Omega watch on my wrist. All details bellow :)

P.S A very special surprise will be revealed this week on Kayture… Remember we told you in the beginning of the year that Kayture is turning new? Well it wasn’t only about the design of the blog or our new projects. Stay updated, I can’t wait to reveal everything.



BLAZER : Minusey (Similar Here)

TROUSERS : Chloé (Similar Here)

FLATS : Chanel

BAG : Valentino through Monnier Frères

WATCH : Omega

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