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Treasure hunting in china

The best part about any trip is the time we get to explore the treasure spots of a city. There’s nothing that makes me feel more alive and excited than discovering something new, getting to know new people and a new culture better. Travelling comes with this precious luxury. It’s the only thing you can actually be bought that enriches you even more as you cultivate such a knowledge of the world : it really opens up your eyes on so many wonderful things.

We spent something like 5 days in Shanghai invited as special guests of Omega, it was a pure bliss. That day we had the opportunity to discover a beautiful and quite traditional area of the city called Tai Kang Lu which is supposed to be part of the old city of Shanghai very representative of the local culture. James and I really wanted to see the local products, the traditional shops and discover new things. This area was so gorgeous, with little streets full of charm where you could buy anything from a simple key chain to the coolest, fanciest, hand painted tea pot.

It’s very easy to get lost in Tai Kang Lu as these little streets can lead to many different shops, but we still managed somehow to find a frozen yogurt place where they even sell Chinese macarons as well as an awesome organic food restaurant called Origins which was highly suggested to us. My food addictions follow me everywhere! We unfortunately didn’t have time to try it, but it’s a must for next time!

That day, totally unaware of the hours we’d be walking, I picked some Valentino heels for the day as they looked so awesome with this outfit. Surprisingly my feet survived, and this only confirms how comfortable they are. Big cheers to them! Needless to say that these trousers are everything. Literally everything. The cut is so flattering, they go a little bellow the hips and create such a wonderful, lean silhouette. Lovers & Friends, you guys totally rocked on that pair! A total must, must must! Enjoy the images from our little exploration time in Tai Kang Lu peeps :)



TOP : Nation through Revolve

TROUSERS : Lovers & Friends (or Similar)

SHOES : Valentino

BAG : Chanel 

JACKET : Zara (Similar Here or Here)

WATCH : Omega

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