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Unlock your wish


I am extremely honored to share with you guys today the second part of our collaboration with Cartier, and as you can see the theme of this shooting is very, very different from the first one we didwhich was all about a very light, colorful ambiance. Here, we are exploring the darker, more mysterious side of the Amulette’s story. You must all recognize the actual place where James and I created these images. The Pont Des Arts in Paris, is an iconic bridge where people from all over the world come in order to lock a wish or a promise. A promise of love, a promise of happiness, a hope for a dream. It can be a bond between two lovers, or an unbreakable lock, symbolizing a love between two family members. I guess, this all reminds you of something… now doesn’t it?

The whole concept’s of Cartier’s Amulette is exactly about this, locking up one of your deepest emotions, deepest feelings in the necklace. That way it will follow you all day, reminding you of your inner values, of a dream or of this dear person who might have gifted the jewel to you. I personally like to thing that I locked up a precious wish of mine in it, and by keeping the necklace close to my heart, day by day, I feel like it gives me strength, reminding me to go further and further, and to never stop believing. Now I feel like I simply can’t take it off.

All these dreams, all these love bonds, all these names scribbled on golden lock pads… I was so impressed to see the enormous quantity of locks on that bridge. But that’s just the way we are : dreams make us live. They make us feel alive, they give us a purpose, a goal, hope. Dreaming is a universal language across the world. Without dreaming, where is the fantasy and the magic in life? There’s nothing more beautiful than aiming high, being daring, and dreaming big.

These images might also remind you a recent movie. Yes! You guessed well. This look is also inspired by the new movie Maleficent which I by the way absolutely loved. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, please go. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but the message is wonderful and unique. The fashion is just as gorgeous as well and definitely made we want to rock some dark feathers.

We all need some fantasy in our lives. So go ahead, and make a wish, but remember, even the most beautiful necklace won’t help you make it come true, it can remind you of something very important on a daily basis and be your lucky charm, but it’s you who has the power in your hands to make any of your craziest wishes come to life. So go ahead and dare to dream.


DRESS : Three Floor

FEATHERS : Topshop (Similar)

NECKLACE : Cartier


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