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On-the-go essentials


Well, well well! Here we are guys! Back on track with a very, very exciting new article. We’ve been travelling like crazy lately and unfortunately faced some technical difficulties here on which delayed the publication of this article. As I am not used to promise one thing and then do another one (I specifically said this post would be published on Sunday, I said it!!!), I feel like I owe you guys an explanation of some sorts.

As much as I’d love to tell you a super theatrical story of how my computer got stolen by a group of hooligans and all content destroyed for political purposes, the reason of this misadventure comes down to one simple thing : the silly airport wi-fi. Yup you’ve heard it. Before boarding, I got all my text written all properly, the images all coordinated with our new special guest. I was ready to click on “publish” when I see that the connexion to the network has been suddenly disrupted. Everything suddenly disappeared without being saved up. I was very happy when I got on the plane (not).

We just got back from Detroit to Geneva. In fact we had to come back early as we needed to apply our visas for our next trip which I think will be major! And so here we are now : I can’t be more happy and proud to introduce you all to our new Kaytributor, the talented Sally Sprat from The Lust List! While on the search for contributors (which by the way took literally months) I wanted to find somebody who would embody the values that we’ve established here on Kayture. At the same time, I wanted for that special person to bring something new. I’ve always been fascinated by illustrations and I knew we needed someone with a vision.

Sally and I got in touch through Instagram (*let’s all praise the power of social media*) as I’ve been stalking her amazing Lust Lists for months. And I thought, why couldn’t we partner up to show you guys my lust lists or essentials through her beautiful illustrations? So today, as her contribution for, she created a custom list of my favorite On The Go essentials. Curious to know about each one of them? Read all the details bellow, and you can even shop the actual items at the end of this post. x


1. By Terry – Baume de Rose

Needless to say, I am a lip balm addict. I’ll keep on buying some new ones all the time without even finishing a pot. Also it’s that one thing I NEED to have with me otherwise I freak out as I absolutely hate having dry lips. I swear, it makes me nervous…

Finding the right lip balm is a whole quest, it depends of your needs : scent, color, flavor, nutrition? I went from cotton candy lip smackers (and I still love them) to this luxurious little gem. The Baume De Rose by Terry is literally THE best lip balm I have ever tried in my life (and believe me, I’ve tried many many many). It has a very subtle rose scent, a beautiful silky/creamy texture yet it makes my lips so full, plumpy and hydrated. Ever since I’ve been using it, my lips have never been chapped (not even on the plane) and I promise, I feel like they got fuller. At least many people have been complimenting me on it! So I to-ta-lly suggest it to you. Worth the investment.

2. Classic Bag – Chanel

Whether it’s a Chanel, a Valentino or A Zara, I like to have a bag with me that’s timeless, practical and elegant. This illustration shows a Chanel Boy bag (I think Sally prefers this model, so she just went ahead and drew it) but as you guys may know I personally own a black 2.55. I throw all my stuff in it and I can put on a white t-shirt from H&M, 7FAM jeans and know that the bag will completely elevate the look. It’s just that kind of investment that makes the entire difference.

Not to mention the attention the baby gets, a real conversation starter. Can’t even tell you how many people came up to me asking where I got it or how I take care of it. Buying a first Chanel bag is like joining a club. We all giggle while comparing our baby’s sizes and shapes… And the minute you get one, you already hope for a rainbow collection.

3. The Jacket

I am always cold. No matter where I go or what I do, I know that there’s going to be a moment where I’ll be freezing, even if it’s 30° outside. I don’t why, and I can’t explain (I already got checked by my doctor, there’s nothing to do about my weirdness). Guess it’s just the way it is. I usually bring a jacket or blazer with me anywhere I go. Although I recently tried not to in order to build up a resistance of some sorts.

My favorite to do is to throw a cute little tweed jacket or sleek blazer over my shoulders. It’s the perfect in between to feel a little comforted and warmer without over doing it. To be totally honest with you, some of my favorite jackets, I got them from Topshop or Mango. They’re so versatile and easy. Plus with all the travel, it’s nice to have some that can live with the eventual little discomforts that go along with long journeys.

4. Earrings – Mise En Dior

I have never been wearing earring on a daily basis but I grew to love it more and more by finding the design that I was exactly looking for. My two favorite ones are these amazing pearl beauties from Dior, which are basically the perfect contrast between timeless and edgy, as well as a Sophie Bille Brahe unique earring that I wear the rest of the days. It add such a cool little touch to any outfit. It’s all about those details to make it look and feel special.


5. Louis Vuitton – Wallet

Well, this should have probably been right on top of the list. Although, I’d say underneath the lip balm as I could eventually spend the day without any money or what so ever (as long as my lips are not chapped, I’m good…I already hate myself for saying that).

Wallets are important indeed, and end up no matter what among all of our essential lists. I’ve been looking for the perfect one for years and finally found my happiness at Louis Vuitton. It’s got all these little compartments, perfect for cash, coins, cards, business cards and etc. Not to mention that I just love the design and print. I didn’t go for the monogram as I felt like I already explored that area, and opted for a white one (which believe it or not, after one year is still perfectly clean). The leather is grainy and so very easy to maintain.

6. Macarons

Don’t laugh at me. Don’t you laugh at me. I know what you’re thinking. This girls is seriously obsessed with macarons. And I’ll tell you this : yes, I am. YES I AM! James is always amazed to see how many macarons I can stuff in my belly. And so it seemed quite obvious to me, that these little heaven patties had to make it to my list.

But see, here’s the thing. Since I learned that I was gluten intolerant, I had to cross all of my favorite desserts from the list, which kind of broke my heart since I’m such a sweet person. Macarons, are most of the time gluten free (made out of egg whites, sugar, almonds, food colorings and fruits), small and easy to snack on while strolling through the city. Plus, they tend to be very pretty. Very, very pretty. So yes, I’ve been eating a lot of them! Together with ice cream and chocolate, they are definitely my favorite little delightful sins.



7. Byredo – Seven Veils 

For a long time I’ve hesitated, should I tell it, shouldn’t I? I always felt like a woman’s perfume is her secret. Especially if she’s dedicated to it. I’ll admit, I wear several perfumes, it has been hard for me to stick to only one. However, Byredo’s Seven Veils has been that one that I keep going back to as I love it so so so much.

It’s sweet, deep and so sensual. Sometimes I’ll mix it up with some Vanilla extract and smell like a walking bakery. Not to mention that the packaging is seriously amazing. Byredo definitely carry some of my favorite scents for perfumes and candles. I am deeply in love with this brand. While travelling, I’ll always have some sample sizes to use in the middle of the day.

8. Starbucks – Soy Latte

This isn’t by any chance an attempt to promote Starbucks anymore than they already need it, although I gotta say it : I am a big sucker for their coffee. Oh my, yes I am. While running, I’ll get myself either a hot soy latte (iced if it’s hot outside) or a soy chai latte (two syrup pumps only, otherwise it’s too sweet. In the USA, I’ll often ask only for one).

I always wonder what other people order at Starbucks, there are so many options so I thought I’d share mines. I will tell you one thing however, even though I like Starbucks, it is not my absolute favorite coffee. I am obsessed with small, hipster coffee places. Some of my favorites are Alfred’s in L.A and Boréal in Switzerland. There are so many great niche coffee places that I have so much pleasure discovering. Coffee will always remain an everyday essential.

9. Louis Vuitton – Planner

Many people have always been advising me : “K, why don’t you get yourself a planner directly on your phone or use your Iphone’s calendar?”. See I’m all about digital, but when it comes to organization, I am dramatically old school. I like to have my pens, my colors, my post its and an actual material agenda. I need it. I couldn’t live life without it as it’s literally my guardian angel helping me to get from one place to another without loosing myself or making myself hate by all of our partners for being late at all the meetings.

Thanks to my planner I could tell you where I’ll be in exactly three months from now (and I’m not even joking, I do know). I’ve had so many agendas over the years. Big ones, small ones, cheap ones etc. I’ve decided to invest in a pretty monogrammed Louis Vuitton one which has the advantage to be rechargeable. So once you’ve gone through the year, all you got to do is buy at the boutique the paper recharge for the new year. Which makes it even a better investment doesn’t it? I take mine everywhere and also use the blank pages to write down ideas, songs or draw some design concepts. My planner is like an extension of me.


10. Valentino – Rockstud Heel 

A.k.a the best shoe ever created. I am so obsessed with Valentino’s rock studs, it’s not even possible. Even though it’s been clear that we all love them and wear them, which is totally cool and great and we’re all part of the same adoring club, I seriously believe that they are the most comfortable heels that exist.

I could walk in them for hours without complaining. The leather is so soft, the design elegant but edgy. And what about all these colors? It’s definitely my go to piece and I believe the Rockstud being a total classic perfect for any occasion from day to night.

What about you loves, care to share some of your essentials ?

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