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So guys. I am currently hibernating in the recording studio in Detroit working on some cool music with some great people. It feels pretty crazy to be here and to know that things are actually moving on. Gotta say, I feel sort of nervous but at the same time this feeling is topped off by such big excitement. Can’t even tell you the amount of work it took to organize everything and to make it all happen, but determination definitely pays off. So in the following days, I am going to post some of the images I didn’t show you yet from our previous trips! Kind of cleaning up the folders as won’t be shooting new content for about 7 days ;) putting all my concentration to music.

Our trip in Rome was a blast, and definitely one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. I feel like I end up saying this quite often, but I am so fascinated by every new city I visit. It was my first time in Rome and I was definitely feeling overwhelmed by the awesomeness that this place exudes. So much charm and beauty in these little streets. Although extremely touristic, we still managed to find cute little spots to enjoy ice cream and traditional italian dishes. Of course, visiting the roman ruins was on my bucket list. I had this super clear image of a fashion photo shoot there and that’s exactly what we ended up doing!

For that occasion, I decided to rock this timeless lace vintage inspired Minusey dress which I’ve been loving and wearing on different occasions lately. I feel like it can look very bohemian with let’s say braids in the hair and a very nude make-up, as much as it can look very bold and high fashion with like in this case a burgundy lip and big chunky jewels. This looks reminds me somehow of Dolce Gabbana’s aesthetics. I’m completely in love with these Oscar De La Renta earrings, they’re quite great matched to my oldie by fab Miu Miu sparkle heels. Haven’t worn them in a while but they’re still after all this time a great statement. Wish me luck for the studio peeps!!!!



DRESS : Vintage inspired dress from (Similar HERE and HERE)

SHOES : Miu Miu

LIPS : M.A.C “Diva”

RING : Elizabeth & James

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