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Back in barcelona


It’s always such a pleasure to be back in Spain. Just to feel this hot sun on our skin and get some sea food in our bellies. James and I were really looking forward to our stay in Barcelona for the Sonar music festival as the special guests of Guess. After Coachella, we’ve been longing for another music festival experience, it’s the perfect activity for summer. We’ve heard so so so many good things about Sonar and how it’s THE event everybody is talking about at the moment. Rumours go that it’s one of the best music festivals in Europe!

Now that we’ve officially attended, I can say that I really enjoyed it. The ambiance is very different from Coachella. The music is less commercial I would say, bands who play at Sonar are more electro oriented or have more conceptual performances. I would say that the ambiance is quite hipster and artsy but it’s definitely so cool. I loved looking at people, everybody had such an established style. Guess with super long beards, girls covered in tattoos with little peach jumpsuits and round reflective sun glasses. The fashion is just insane.

For the occasion, I also felt like rocking something cool and edgy yet with my always elegant twist. So I picked this look from the pre fall collection of Guess. Just felt like this little black dress was perfect for the festival matched with those comfy gold embellished sandals. Not to mention that finding a bag to go to a music festival is always quite tricky as you want something small enough to be able to jump around yet practical to keep all your essentials in it. This little Guess pouch was the perfect accessory.


TOP : Guess

SHOES : Guess

HAT : Maison Michel (via Monnier Frères)

JACKET : Chloé 

EARRINGS : Dior & Alex Mika

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