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Okay you guys, so here we are! Today it’s all about a massive, absolutely huge, gigantic beauty haul here on Kayture. I am glad to share with you my favorite beauty selection of the season starting from make-up to skin care passing by hair and sun protection. There are so many wonderful products that I enjoy day by day and that simply bring a smile on my face thanks to the pleasure of using them. I’ve always loved pampering and finding a good product is like a treasure hunt for me : looking for that magical elixir. Cherishing each precious little bottle with it’s mysterious nectar.

Because there are so many products featured in this post, it’s going to be hard for me to write a detailed review for each one of them and I also think it would be boring for you to read endless blabbers about creams. Let’s be simple and efficient. So to make it structured I’ll talk about some key products that stood out the most to me but please note that all products shown are listed as my favorites. I’ve tried and been using them all for a very long time and am confident enough in their quality to suggest them to you. Hope they’ll feed your needs as much as they did mine and that you’ll find your lucky win!

P E R F U M E S(header)

Travelling has always been for me an olfactive experience. Being back from Greece, I still remember the days spend there by the Vanilla St Barth perfume I bought together with my friends at Nammos Beach. Now that I smell it, it instantly makes me remember those incredible days under the sun. So I definitely pay a lot of attention to perfumes and I wear different ones for different occasions even though my favorite key notes are usually always the same ones. I’ve always been a fan of sweet scents. Pure vanilla is the one I enjoyed the most, but I also do love some Amber or Musk. I like perfumes that are sensual, sexy and playful.

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt, Dior Cuir Cannage, Byredo Bullion travel size oil roll,St Barth Vanilla West Indies, Hermès L’Ambre Des Merveilles, Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille



N A I L   P O L I S H E S

It’s hard to name a favorite in this list of gorgeous nail polishes as I honestly love all of them for different moods or styles. Probably Eau de Rose by YSL and Chérie by Kure Bazaar (organic nail polish yaaay) are the ones I’ve worn the most on the feet (so beautiful with open sandals) the rest of them are absolutely stunning on the hands as well. My magic secret, this Estée Lauder quick finish top coat, which sets any nail polish in just a few seconds. I’ll put a new layer of color on my nails with this on the top before running out and no damage done!

From top, left to right

Kure Bazaar “Chérie”, Estée Lauder “10 Hot Coral”, Butter “Jasper”, Deborah Lippmann “Flowers In Her Hair”, YSL ” Eau de Rose”, Dior “Muguet”, Tom Ford “Toasted Sugar”, YSL “Bleu Celadon”, O.P.I “My Vampire is Buff”, Estée Lauder Instant finish quick dry top coat

L I P S T I C K S 

As you may know, I’ve always been a massive lip stick lover. More than any other make-up product, that’s the one I like to binge on whenever I come close to a beauty shop. In summer I like to keep it subtly nude, with light corals, sand shades or even a slight shade of coral. I have to say in this list, so far the one I’ve used the most was Tom Ford’s Blush Nude, one of the most incredible nude shades with the fluffiest texture possible.

Dior “135 Carré D’or”, Tom Ford “Quiver”, Tom Ford “Blush Nude”, Chanel “68 Candeur”, M.A.C “Myth”, Lipstick Queen “Velvet Rope Star System”, Aerin “08 Perfect Nude”

L I P   G L O S S E S

These little tubes of sticky heaven are so much fun to play with during hot days. They are perfect by the pool and to add the little shiny, colorful glow on the lips. Like a fresh fruit or gummy bear twist. I also love them for all their delicious flavors, Laura Mercier’s one has that delicious sweet vanilla, fruity scent that makes me obsessed. I just want to put on some more and more. It’s such a nice thing to have in a purse while heading out and definitely great to keep lips protected and nourished.

Clarins “Eclat Minute 02”, Nars “Turkish Delight”, Dior “542 Flash”, Laura Mercier “Tulip”, YSL “Gloss Volupté 19”, Aerin “06 Shell”, Guerlain “Gloss D’Enfer 420”,Lancôme ” Juicy Tube”

L I P   B A L M S

Before paying attention to any color, it’s important to protect the lips. And I swear I have a little lip balm hidden in almost every bag or pouch I own just because I hate having them chapped. I usually love having my lip balm in a little pot, but sometimes, especially while headed to the beach it’s nice to have them in tube format to avoid any sand on the product. One of my favorite balms has always been Crème de Rose by Dior, but the one By Terry is also out of this world. Such as the rest of them featured above. Tested and approved!

Eve Lom Kiss Mix, Bobbi Brown Lip Balm, Dior Crème De Rose, Aerin Rose Lip Conditionner  “01Nude”, Balm by Terry, Apivita Lip Care with Honey


The challenge in summer is to pull off a fresh, flawless, beach ready face, bare looking without too much make-up… The most embarrassing thing is to be afraid to dive because the make-up would melt. Ah acne souvenirs, I’ll remember you for ever… Just the idea of being afraid to show yourself without cover up isn’t great, but we all need a little corrector to light up the skin tone as well as protect it from the sun. I’ll usually go for Guerlain’s Terracotta foundation in “light” with just some dabs of YSL’s touche éclat to make sure I have a sheer, natural glow. For the night I like to explore with powders, more covering foundations and so on.

YSL Touche Eclat 02, Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Foundation Light,Kate Somerville CC cream “Fair”, Dior Prime and Bronze 001, Guerlain Parure de Lumière “02 Beige Clair”, Chanel Poudre Universelle compacte “30 Naturel”

B L U S H E S 

Blushes! Yay. The fun part. I love how a blush seems so simple but adds so much to a look, especially during summer when it’s nice to experiment with brighter colors. I like to use both a bronzer and a pink or coral shade of blush. I’ll use the brown powder to create a crease under my cheekbones, then add some color on my checks. I then like to add some colors on my lips that go along with the pigments of the blush for a perfect harmony of shades.

Dior “Corail Cruise 676”, Guerlain Terra Nerolia, Dolce & Gabbana ” Peach 20″, RMS Buriti Bronzer, Laura Mercier Coral Glow Stick 

E Y E   S H A D O W S

If for the day I simply like to wear some black mascara on the upper lashes and draw a small crease with some natural beige color around my eyes, in the night I like to go crazy and be super playful with pigments. Gold will always and forever be my favorite. I like to add some golden shimmers to compliment the blue of my eyes. So any eye shadow with gold pigments or a gold eye liner sounds perfect to me! Just as a prevention, in summer, go for a waterproof mascara. You never know if you might end up going for a swim… ;)

Nars Larger than Life Long Wear Eye Liner, Guerlain eye shadow “09 Two Vip”, Estée Lauder eye shadow “Cyber Green”, YSL Couture Palette 2, YSL Eye Liner 15, YSL mascara waterproof

C L E A N S E R S 

Now a good make-up is nothing without a good skin, first things first. A good cleanser is one of the most important elements to have in one’s beauty routine and in order to keep the skin fresh and healthy. I wash my face twice a day, in the morning right after waking up (I like to let my skin breath for an hour after the cleansing before applying make-up, you don’t want to clog your pores) and in the night after taking my make-up off with some balm. I just discovered this great brand called Regulat Beauty, they have many organic beauty products and I am absolutely obsessed and in love with it. You guys need to check it out and try some of their skin care items, they sell all of it online.

Activaroma Purifying Facial Cleanser, Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser, Regulat Beauty Excellent Cleansing Foam, Guerlain Cleansing Radiance Gel


After the cleansing process I always, almost religiously, apply a toner. Either it is something super basic like rose water or I’ll go for something different depending on my needs. I like to use some for their “awakening” properties like the one from La Mer (literally a big skin wake up call) or the one from Avène to sooth an irritated skin. I’ll apply some from Amanda Lacey if my skin breaks out. At the beach and with little make-up on, I like to spray Guerlain’s Eau Sous Le Vent on my face as it has a delicious Monoï scent and highly hydrating properties. But then again, one of my favorites is the organic one from Regulat Beauty, it’s organic, convenient, fresh and responds to many of my skin’s needs all at once. In one spray it awakes my skin, soothes it, hydrates and prevents breakouts.

Amanda Lacey Miracle Tonic, Avène Eau Thermale, Dr. Hauschka Lotion Tonifiante, La Mer The Mist, Regulat Beauty Energetic Eclat Tonic, Guerlain Eau Sous Le Vent


To finish with skin care, let’s discuss creams. It’s important to find one that’s perfectly adapted to your skin type, however it’s also nice to switch and change from time to time. Our skin changes, evolves and has different needs during certain periods of time. In summer my skin is asking freshness, clarity and purity. It screams for hydratation but at the same time for light, dewy textures. Oils and serums are always a good idea. You can never go wrong with pure argan oil (the one from Josie Maran is awesome) or with the Quench oil serum by Kate Somerville. I like a little healthy glow to go along with all of this and have been loving Lancaster’s self tan beauty face bronzer.

Kate Somerville Goat Milk cream, Josie Maran Pure Argan Oil, Clinique SPF 35 protection stick, Soveral SPF10 Formula 2 Moisturizer,Kate Somerville Quench Oil Serum, Sunday Riley Good Genes treatment, Lancaster Self Tan Beauty, Terracotta Sun Serum, La Mer Revitalizing Mask, La Prairie Cellular Radiance Night cream

B O D Y   C R E A M S

Time to talk bod-eyy. We all know that a good, healthy, shiny tan doesn’t hold on to a dehydrated skin. Do not undervalue the power of hydratation! Since it’s the season where your little body-licious will get it’s exposure, it’s nice to pamper it and make sure that it’s nourished with the best ingredients. Another brand I recently discovered and love is Camille Beckman’s body care products that are super rich and with tremendously delicious scents. I’ve been using religiously the hand therapy as well as the body milk. It comes in huge sizes so perfect for a speedy consumer like me. I’ve also been loving St Barth’s Vanilla milk cream, an absolute favorite.

Camille Backman Hand Therapy, St Barth Vanilla Milk, Acqua Di Parma Body Lotion, Eve Lom Hand Cream SPF 10, Camille Beckman Platinum Gold Body Milk, Kiehl’s Crème de Corps Soy Milk and Honey

B E A C H   E S S E N T I A L S 

While lounging by the water, make sure to have some protection with you. Don’t ever try the lobster version where you soak under the sun hoping that the redness of your skin will turn into a golden tan. It will eventually turn brown if you’re lucky, but then it’ll will peel and you’ll look like a flaky snake. Sad story. Combine a good sun screen with an after sun that has bronzing properties and don’t hesitate to use and abuse of oil while tanning, combined with SPF you have no risk to burn and it hydrates your skin perfectly so you’re best prepared to turn into a golden nugget!

Guerlain Terracotta After Sun Cream, Guerlain Sun Blondes SPF 30, YSL Top Secret SPF 50 face cream, La Roche Posay SPF 50 protection, Hei Poa Monoï Body Oil

A F T E R   A   D A Y   I N   T H E   S U N   E S S E N T I A L S

I don’t expose myself too much in the sun, my intentions are not to tan on the beach but rather to cool off and enjoy the weather (and nap nap nap). Since I don’t want to come back home from holidays, white and dull like a poorly cooked pancake, I like to cheat with some bronzer, hoping to trigger my friends and family’s attention so that they think I had the best time ever (best time ever being judged on the degree of tanning of course). Guerlain’s Terracotta Sunless bronzer is hands down my absolute, most favorite thing on the earth. It’s literally the only bronzer that I tried in my life that doesn’t smell terribly, that has an absolutely gorgeous color, that doesn’t stain and that really lasts a while. I love it so so so much, you guys can’t even imagine. I’ll apply it all the time after the shower and seriously got just as tanned as my friends who were sun bathing all day long. Try it. Now.

Balmology Exotic Rose Beauty Oil, Terracotta Sunless Bronzer, Sisley Self Tanning Lotion, Jo Malone Velvet Rose Oil, Guerlain Terracotta Jambes de Gazelle, Activaroma oil duo Argan and Amber, Guerlain Liu Body Shimmer

H A I R   P R O D U C T S 

Let’s not omit the hair! It also deserves care and attention. Imagine the damage caused by the mix of sun exposure, salty water and chlore. Not good at all. At the beach, I like to wear my hair completely loose or tightened up in a bun or braid. In the first case, to add some texture I’ll use some dry shampoo for a natural looking volume, second case scenario I’ll use some oils to make the hair super sleek and shiny. Each day after coming back from the beach, I’ll wash it with Kérastase’s “Bain Après Soleil” shampoo which is amazing to hydrate and revitalize the hair. I’ll them apply some Moroccanoil and Kérastase’s Touche Perfection on the ends of my hair to make sure it’s nourished and protected.

Sacha Juan Dry Volume Shampoo, Moroccanoil Hydratating Styling cream, David Mallet Volume Spray, Kérastase “Bain Après Soleil” shampoo, Moroccanoil Treatment, Kérastase Touche Perfection

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