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It was so hard to wait until revealing you guys these very first images from our trip to Greece. SO hard. You can’t even imagine. This sunny journey was highly awaited, we were really looking forward to be back in Greece after almost 3 years and enjoy some yummy feta cheese, tsatsiki (my favorite), the beautiful little white streets with their charming blue colored doors and stairs. But above all, take some precious time off with our friends was what we really craved the most.

Plus, it just felt like we had the most gorgeous weather with us and we were ready to get our pale swiss faces out there!!! I am not that much into tanning (prevention, rule n°1 p-l-e-a-s-e) but oh my how good it felt to get some vitamin D in that body. My cheeks finally got that rosy tone I was missing by spending too many nights in front of my computer, my eyes were bright and big instead of the usual tiny wholes I try to enlarge with heavy doses of eye liner. I was feeling so good (roll the happy song by Pharrell, GO!).

After spending the most crazy yet relaxing time in Mykonos with Louis Vuitton, we were headed to Santorini as it’s a place I’ve always wanted to discover and see with my bare eyes. I couldn’t have been more impressed by this majestic beauty. We arrived to our villa and got our minds blown away by the view on volcanos and endless deep blue water.

That night, it was a duty for me to put on something special and celebrate. On each trip, I manage to pack an evening dress. Just because you never know when you might need one. Another thing, is that I always try to pack a dress I know will fit the scenery. In this case, I knew this beautiful Virgos Lounge dress would have been perfect with a greek background. It’s bold colors make such perfect contrast with the blues and white. The gold shines under the hot rays of the afternoon sunlight and nothing feels better than having some loose locks floating to the beat of the wind. An unforgettable moment.


DRESS : Virgos Lounge

SHOES : Louboutin 

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