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Florals in india

Hey there guys, hope you are doing great and enjoyed a peaceful week-end. I am currently in Sardinia, landed here after a long and absolutely unforgettable experience in India. An adventure I am looking forward to share with you here on We’ve been travelling a lot lately and with travels comes behind a long and big amount of management to organize perfectly the trip and to fix the terms of the collaborations we lead with the brands we travel with : needless to say that from Shanghai to Monaco, Cannes, Paris ,Barcelona, Detroit, India to here in Sardinia, even though the trips are always breathtaking and so much fun, it takes a lot of work and time to have it all planned out efficiently…

So I decided to allow my self a nice week of holidays from the blog and so for this whole entire week I won’t be posting any articles hoping that you guys will miss me and will be excited to discover all the reviews of our journey next week!!! I feel like I really need to recharge my batteries, get inspired, free my mind from all the deadlines and constant luggages changes mixed up with late night image uploads on WordPress. Even though my activity is my biggest passion and I love it so much, sometimes, no matter what, in life it’s important to find escape for a couple of days and to relax.

I felt like I really wanted to write this quick note so that you guys know that I haven’t been kidnapped or anything like that hehe. And you can definitely follow me on Instagram where I’ll still be posting live updates. Meanwhile, I am happy to share with you a little preview article of the first images we created in India with a very chill and relaxed look I wore on our last day in Jaipur. I don’t wear sneakers very often but I got seduced by those cute Guess ones with their colorful floral print. This article is part of a little collaboration we do with them and I felt like they were great with the bright Indian background. What’s really cool is that the shoes and the scarf that goes along are part of a web exclusive activity, so it’s impossible to find these pieces in the shops, only online.The pieces, super colorful and fresh were perfect for an afternoon stroll in the floral garden of our Indian hotel. And oh my, sometimes it feels so good to be in flats, these sneakers were so so comfy, it was hard to take them off and change in heels for dinner. Hope you guys like it and see you in a week!!!


Total look Guess

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