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Summer essentials


Happy week-end you guys! I’m spending mine under the ever-changing swiss weather, you just never know when it’s  going to be super sunny or super rainy. It can switch in exactly 10 minutes. AND I am also dreaming of our beautiful sunny escapades between Sardinia, Mykonos and Santorini, already excited about the next trips that are planned. Each time while leaving to a summery destination, it’s a fun challenge to pack the essentials.

I guess you could go two ways, either you’re the kind of blue jeans, white shirt (popped into the room you know you made my eyes burn, sorry I just had to), SPF, flip flops, living out of fresh coconut by the beach, toes in the sand, swimming naked in the sea (one day perhaps I’ll achieve this light packing method) OR you’re more like me packing a massive summer gear with you made out of several swimming suits, sun glasses, sun screens, after sun balms, body mists, books, magazines, towels, hats and the list goes on… I am a crazy “stuff” lady. I just love stuff.

The best part out of it, is that I use everything I pack. That’s my only rule while doing my luggages. Even if I take half of my place with me, I am obligated to use at least once each item out of it. Otherwise, it’s internal game over with my own conscience… It is a game over 80% of the time as I usually never use the after sun balm… As I don’t tan… But I love the bottle so much (eeeek).  Sometimes I’ll get my hands on it anyways as I love the scent so much and just to say that I did use everything.

I’m happy to bring in our beloved Kaytributor Sally Sprat from the Lust List (check her our on Instagram @thelustlist!) to introduce you guys to a new essentials list, we’re now talking about a few of my summer essentials. I am very curious to know what are yours and if you share some of mine! Bisous and happy sunday x





S U N   S C R E E N 

Here’s an obvious. I’ll never leave for a sunny destination without grabbing some sun screen with me, you can never be careful enough. Since my skin is so fair, I’ll usually go for an SPF 35. I’ve been told not to believe in SPF50 as it is, supposedly, impossible to achieve higher protection that 35 if considering the chemicals within the product. So when you buy an SPF higher than 30, you’ll usually get the same result.

I would need to research this fact a little bit more, but so far it worked perfectly for me. I’ve never turned lobster red or peeled every since I’ve been careful not exposing myself too much and using enough protection. I do enjoy a spray formula, this one by Hampton Sun is great as it’s also super soothing with it’s Aloe Vera properties.

featured sun screen Hampton Sun



If your body needs protection from the sun, your eyes do to. I actually never really liked my face with sun glasses on. Since I have a round shaped face, there are very few sunglasses that fit me perfectly and I most of the time like to avoid wearing some.

However, I recently started investing in a few that I felt good with having on because I know how important it is for the eyes. Having the UVs hit directly or even indirectly your eyes isn’t good at all for your sight and is definitely a bad wrinkle prevention. Not to mention that sunglasses are such a beautiful accessory to add to your summer outfits.

featured Dolce Gabbana sun glasses


I usually go to the beach with a very natural (if no) make-up on, some BB cream, brow filler and that’s usually it. My outfits are also very laid back and casual so I like to add something special, like a headband or turban. It’s a great fashion trick but also good as it holds back your hair when the sea wind blows into your face and looks great matched to colorful beach towels. Missoni’s turbans are absolutely to die for.

featured Missoni turban 


N A I L   P O L I S H

During winter, I like to be a little more simple and basic with my nail polish shades, while in summer I use lighter, warmer and bolder tones. Especially on the feet. Lately I’ve been loving most of YSL’s summer colors (the quality of their nail polishes is simply amazing) as well as Dior’s. To have a look at my favorite shades you can check this week’s beauty article where I talk about them. Currently I am wearing YSL’s “Eau De Rose” on the feet and “Muguet” by Dior on the hands.

features YSL’s “Rose Romantique” Nail Polish

A   G O O D   R E A D

I’ve been reading so many different books lately. As I usually don’t have much time to do so (I spend most of my time binging on information on the web and then rushing somewhere) summer is that ideal time when you can actually cool down, plan 5 hours ahead to do nothing but chill on the beach and read a great book without having to run somewhere. I’ve been reading ” The Fault in our Stars” by John Green, Boris Vian’s “L’écume des jours”, a book about music industry, “Girl Boss” by Sophia Amoruso and Grace Coddington’s Memoir.

featured Grace Coddington “A Memoir”


Finding the right swimming suit all depends on your destination and activites honestly. Wether you’re planning to tan, lounge, pool party etc. it’s nice to have a diversity of styles of swimwear. Sometimes it gets to me and I love to have long swims, for that I don’t particularly need a complicated swimming suit, I just like something comfortable and easy. Yet while tanning on a nice beach or before heading to drinks by the pool, I also enjoy having a colorful, super flattering bikini, something with an interesting, playful design. My favorite swimwear usually comes from Moeva London and Zimmermann. They have incredible pieces!

featured Moeva London Swimwear


H A T 

This one joins in the head band motto of bringing in something special to a casual look but is also a great way to protect your head from the sun. I like wearing really big straw hats as I feel like I’m in my own little shade bubble. I easily get headaches if spending too much direct time in the sun, so having a hat on is the perfect way to avoid that. Obviously, one of my favorite brands for hats is Maison Michel but also love the ones from Eugenia Kim.

features hat Eugenia Kim

T O W E L 

At first I used to have these big towels with tons of strange logos on them or drawings of tigers or all sorts of tropical animals. My parents and I would bring at least 6 of them for a day at the pool, 1 each to sit on, 1 each to dry up. Now I’m good with just one and preferably with a nice, subtle design. For the beach I love something with a bold flashy color, for the pool I also enjoy stripes. I’ve found some absolutely adorable ones on Net-A-Porter by this brand called Hammamas.

featured Hammamas towel


B O D Y   &   F A C E   M I S T

A little refreshened is so highly appreciated while lounging under the sun. It’s the biggest pleasure and luxury to be able to spray some deliciously scented fragranced mist over the face and whole body for a little cold, sweet breeze. My favorite is Guerlain’s Eau Sous Le Vent for it’s Monoî scent and soothing agents.

featured Guerlain Eau Sous Le Vent


As I don’t like to expose myself too much in the sun, I’ll always have some bronzer with to achieve and maintain a golden skin color. I’m fair skin proud but still, I don’t want to look like a little pancake at the beach. So before heading to the out, I’ll always apply some bronzer all over face and body, let it work a couple of hours while having breakfast for example, then head out with a sun glow that leaves everybody wondering how’s it’s possible to tan in the shade.

featured James Read’s Liquid Tan for Light Skin


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