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The sari search

Bonjour Everybody!!! How are you all? I feel like it’s been literally ages. I hope you missed me and the flow of new articles on Kayture. We are back on track with so many incredible things to share with you so jump on the ride because we are going to explore together the treasures of India as well as bring you on our two trips from Sardinia to Mykonos.

I have to say, I personally missed you guys so much. Writing on Kayture is such a therapy for me and became such a part of my life that it feels so strange to break this habit. However, this little one week break was exactly what I needed to get refreshed, fuel up on new ideas and just relax a little bit without thinking about posting every single day. As much as I love writing and posting religiously on a daily basis, it takes a lot of time to get an article ready and it sometimes breaks a day of travel as I need to head back to the hotel room in order to get the content done for the next day, and so you miss out on certain precious moments.

I am happy to kick off the week with an article about our trip in India which was definitely one of the most moving experiences since the beginning of this year for me. James and I already traveled to Mumbai last year, I couldn’t wait to explore other areas of the country and learn more about this fascinating culture.

For me, India is a country of contrast. Coming in hosted by a beautiful brand, we received the best treatment we could have ever expected. Yet each time while driving thought the streets, we were shaken up but the brutal and so overwhelming reality of life. In only four days, we saw 3 different cities starting from Delhi, to Jodhpur and finally Jaipur. The whole goal of this journey was to attend an Indian wedding and of course explore the extremely rich and vast history and heritage of the country.

Coming in town, treated in such a special and privileged way was an incredible luxury and blessing. However, it was at the same time difficult to close our eyes on the average social condition in India. In only a couple of hours we saw some of the most beautiful places on earth to heartbreaking images of everyday life.

And even though we’ve seen some very harsh things, one that really stuck in my head was the vivacity, of the streets. Life, overwhelming, so touching and vivid life is so present. If you choose to look into the eyes of people, you can see in such a powerful and incredibly moving way all they went through and sense a surprising serenity and peace of mind in their looks. A kindness and “happiness” that is so rare nowadays. With little they have, they seem to find such serenity in everyday life.

I have so much more to say about this trip, I can’t wait to share with you some more of my impressions of this journey but for now I am happy to introduce you to this set of images that my friend Philippe Girard and I shot while exploring an Indian market on the search for the perfect Sari. Since James was on holidays during that period of time, Phillipe and I were travel buddies, hope you guys will enjoy the adventure!


SCARF : A La Russe (Similar Here)

BAG : Chloé

HAT : The Kooples

FLATS : Chanel


TOP : J. Crew (Similar Here)

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