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Breakfast at the park hyatt

One of the guilty pleasures I like to take fully advantage of while we travel are hotel breakfasts. Now isn’t it the best? Ever since we got on our crazy ride of a lifestyle, I like to find comfort and serenity in small things that remind me of home. But at home, breakfast equals something very simple, healthy and most importantly on the go while a 5 star in room meal is a completely different story… It makes you feel spoiled rotten in the most delicious way possible, toes soaked in the creamy duvet of your king size bed.

Since it’s something special, and it feels like it each time I hear the knock on my door in the morning, I can’t but be so excited for the next morning every time I go to sleep. Breakfast is literally my favorite meal of the day, I am able to stomach so much food! I love going to sleep thinking of all the delicious things I’ll have when I wake up. My favorite thing to do is to fill up those little breakfast forms and be very specific about everything, a coffee but with soy milk, an omelet but only with egg white and spinach, a fruit plate with fresh berries, side of avocado. I even ask for my favorite smoothie sometimes : spinach, apple, ginger, lemon, cucumber and celery. Yum!

Then I’ll set up an early time so that it wakes me up in the most gentle and pleasing way possible, a.k.a the smell of fresh eggs and coffee. I mean, what’s better than that? Another thing though, since there’s always a lovely team crew of the hotel who comes in to bring the breakfast trolley, I don’t want to look like I am some kind of sleazy marshmallow that just woke up. So I always keep next to my bed a toner mist by Regulat beauty (a brand I already introduced you to in my previous beauty article and that I LOVE. everything organic and so so healthy for your skin) for a little instant fresh perk-me-up.

The Park Hyatt Zürich always have the best treatment planned. It became our second swiss home and most of the time when we are in town, we stay with them. Needless to say that we now have our little habits and favorites. Their balance smoothie is one of my favorite things to have in the morning as it’s filling and so healthy. It’s made out of spinach, cacao, soy milk, and many other delicious things. That’s what you can see me having in these images. What are you morning routines? Do they change when you travel or stay home? x



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TONER : Regulat Beauty 

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