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While in India with LoveGold, we’ve had the opportunity to explore 3 completely different cities and live several extremely overwhelming and unforgettable experiences. The last place we stopped by for this fairytale of a journey was Jaipur. An absolutely fascinating city full of hidden places that completely take your breath away. Our visit of the Amer fort was one of those adventures I’ll definitely remember.

It was a hot humid day, with the sun slowing but gently baking our skin into a deeper golden shade. I wondered if I was crazy to wear trousers, and longe sleeves, and a scarf AND a hat that day… But to be totally honest, it was more in order to protect myself from the UVS, and most definitely not because I was afraid to get cold. You can never be safe enough right? This entire look made me feel almost more adventurous than I usually am, something like a modern day Indiana Jones? Ah, I can always dream about it.

Since this entire Indian experience was evolving around the celebration of gold  craftsmanship, I wore for this getaway some feather shaped jewels from an Italian brand called Stroili. So delicate and sophisticated it was really the perfect pieces to add to this bohemian, and quite different look of the day. I always enjoy discovering new labels, and LoveGold have made me find out about so many stunning jewelry brands. This one is definitely to check out and follow! And the images my friend Philippe Girard and I shot at the top of the Fort. Hope you’ll enjoy them :)


TOP : Zara (Similar Here)

SHOES : Divine

SCARF : A La Russe

HAT : The Kooples

TROUSERS : Zara (Similar)

BAG : Chloé

JEWELS : Stroili Jewels courtesy of LoveGold 

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