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The best things in life come shaped in simplicity. A light tee, some ripped leather trousers and a stroll through one of my favorite places in Switzerland : the old city of Zürich. Full of little treasures, it’s the perfect escape in the middle of a busy day. After hours spent between meetings, James and I like to go there and get lost in the multitude of little streets to clear our heads up, brainstorm about what was said and… squeeze in a little shopping of course as they have the smallest, finest boutiques.

Yesterday night, my heart got turned into a big marshmallow fudge. Going through your comments on the previous Instagoodies article literally got me all teared up… As I was turning tomato red (my face turns beetroot every time I go emotional, not. cute.), I couldn’t but be so amazed and thankful for your support. It overwhelms me to such a high level to witness your degree of kindness. I truly mean it when I say that you give me so much strength to go on and to the whole kayteam to out-do ourselves. I care so much about this. You guys give me hope and I hope that on my side, I am able to make you dream and appreciate life and it’s beauty a little more every single day.

And you know what touches me the most? Is that even though we might have never seen each other in person and that computer screens separates us from reality, what we have is so precious and I truly consider you being all part of my life. I don’t like to talk about sad stuff here on Kayture because it’s a place about positive energy and uplifting vibes, but you know, a couple of years ago when things with the blog started to go really well and still now, a lot of “friends” began turning their back. It’s the saddest thing to see close ones not supporting your passion. You guys, have always been there for me and I know that after a long, tiring, stressful day, I’ll read your comments and it’s like putting happiness glasses back on : I click on “post new” and spread the love you just gave me.

With you guys, I feel like I can truly be who I really am. And that gives so much sense to my life and to what I do. I know that I am in the right place, working so hard to improve, to surprise and to create more things. When I talk to you guys, I know you’ll get it. After all, it seems like you know me better than anybody! My allergies, where I travelled last month, where I was born and what my goals are… If you are here, if you’re part of the Kayteam , then I think you might share at least a few values with me, meaning you believe in strength, in fighting for your passions, in beauty, in loving, in laughing, in wearing pretty heels on pavement streets (busted), in eating too much sweets and in pausing a meal to Instagram, in day dreaming, in travelling and in spending a ridiculous amount of money in a bag because it’s a treasure.

So you guys know me really well and this makes us officially friends! Doesn’t it? When I meet people at parties, through friends or events, I can’t even describe how surprised and confused they look when I tell them that my job is to create Inspiration. I understand, it’s something new and even I needed 2 years to fully figure it out. But when I meet you guys, you go straight to the point : we make pictures like we’ve known each other forever! I find it so, so incredibly awesome. So again, you guys rock. Thank you for your love. I hope that we’ll keep inspiring you day by day to be the best person you are meant to be and to live each day with passion.


TOP : Rag & Bone (& Similar)

TROUSERS : Anine Bing (& Similar)

HEELS : Alexander Wang (& Similar)

BAG : Chanel 

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