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Hello new york

How’s everybody? Hope you guys are doing incredible. As you might have noticed, the last entries on Kayture have been a little less regular than usual, but for very good reasons. Our upcoming month is going to be a crazy roller coaster ride with a 40 days journey across the world! Needless to say that a tremendous amount of organization goes into it. We’re leaving to New York, Shanghai, back again to New York, London, Milan, Paris (for fashion weeks!) and then straight off to Los Angeles for another month and this until November. I am so incredibly excited!

So we’ve been finalizing all the schedules, meetings, appointments, projects and so on. Also I am working on a personal project for which I have a deadline in a couple of days, spending my nights trying to finish it! I seriously can’t wait to tell you more about it, but I can guarantee big exciting news. Therefore, please excuse if some days, there’s a post missing on Kayture. You can only imagine me either in front of my desk with 5 coffee cups finishing all the tasks or running from a plane to another. Of course, I am as always extra active on my social media and Instagram more precisely.

But, today I am happy to share with you the first images we’ve created on our first days in NY with the lovely Rita Zia team. We flew in for a very short stay in order to shoot some super special images with their new Chaos collection. This time, the inspiration was completely different, we’re thinking punk chic, elegant gothic and everything symbolizing Chaos and beauty. A registry I am not used to but I can never say no to a new challenge! Can’t wait to reveal all the images, hope you guys will be surprised!

For now, here’s the look I was wearing in between the shots on day I. It’s all about some comfy flats and a big Valentino bag to keep all my essentials close to me. And what about this big flappy hat to match dark vamp lips (Diva by M.A.C, best color)?


TOP : Minusey (or Similar)

JACKET : The Kooples (or Similar)

SHOES : Zara (Similar Here & Here)

BAG : Valentino


JEWELS : Rita & Zia

TROUSERS : Hugo Boss (Similar ) (+ Here)

LIPS : M.A.C “Diva”

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