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Phos eirene

A fishtail braid, some sandals that resonate on the hot rocky ground, the scent of St Barth’s Vanilla fragrance in my hair mixed up with a Guerlain sunscreen on freshly baked golden skin, that was the feeling of these magical couple of days spent between Sardinia, Mykonos and Santorini. A highly anticipated break that the whole Kayteam was now craving for a while.

I have to say, the trip in India changed something in me. And I am still trying to figure out what, but I just guess that these smiles, mixed up with all the contrasts I’ve seen, the reality, the struggle, the laughs and the love, all of that made me ask myself some questions. I’ve always been extremely grateful for every single thing I have, from the smallest to the biggest, they all have the same value to me. Being aware of that always kept me grounded. But coming back from India and leaving straight away to Italy and Greece was a very quick change of scenery and I had to find a way to let it all come in. I almost felt bad.

Bad for leaving, and leaving some people I might have wanted to take with me. Please just, everybody, come with me. Let’s all hang out at the beach. Those kids I’ve seen in the streets, that wanted to sell me some little toys or snacks, but in the end just wanted to play and looked up at me with curious, yet amused eyes. So cute I just wanted to squeeze their cheeks. I wish I could have brought them with me. Or I wish I could have done something so that they’d be safe playing somewhere where they could also be guaranteed food everyday, instead of being forced to sell it.

India made me approach life in a different way. Taking in it, letting it go. Living with less restrictions, less rules, accepting the way things go yet fighting for joy, love and happiness. Never letting dreams go. Fueling up my life with positive energy and choosing to rebel against fear. Because they choose to see the bright side. I feel much stronger and I wish I could share that with people around me… I try my best to. I was lucky to have been given some of that strength from the people I met during this journey. It a treasure that’s meant to be passed on.

Some things I wasn’t comfortable with, seem so easy now. Some of the issues I had, seem ridiculous now. I’m the same person I’ve always been but I feel like I approache things in a much more laid back and zen way ever since I’ve been back. I am still a perfectionist, and work-a-shop-a-holic (common, you can’t completely change a person) but I also choose to appreciate, to the fullest every single thing that I see around me. To respect every single one I meet. To enjoy every single day like it’s the last. The world is really ours, home is where we make it, friends are who understand and love us no matter what. It all goes down to very simple things… Doesn’t it?

In Mykonos, long walks amongst white walls and windy sea side gave me time to think. To reflect on the explosion of emotions and things I’ve experienced lately. What a magical feeling it is to feel full, stomach filled up with incredible, fresh food, what a pleasure to have this little dress floating to the beat of the wind, how incredible to be able to hear the waves dancing and the sky changing colors as the time goes by…

You can choose to walk along and look down, observing your feet without ever looking up. But if you do look up, so much beauty is around, if you simply choose to see it. Whether you’re in Greece, in India or somewhere else on the globe. It’s all about a state of mind. I believe that deep down, we choose what we want to see and who we want to be, how we want to touch people. I believe that deep down, our inner world reflects on the one we live in… So how would you like to shape yours?


DRESS : A shirt I found in a tiny shop in Greece :) (but still, Similar Here)

SHOES : Hermès or Similar

BAG : Chloé or Similar


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