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Pink sunset

We’ve had the most annoying beginning of the week here back in Switzerland, with rain just pouring over and over again. Thinking back about our little escape in Greece with Louis Vuitton, Mykonos, was the little light that I kept in my heart to fight against the gloomy, dark days. Thank god, the sun is now definitely back in Geneva. We are now able to enjoy a summer weather for the beginning of August!

When travelling with Louis Vuitton, we are always promised to explore the most fascinating and luxurious places. This time during our greek adventure, we had the chance to stay at the hotel Belvedere, in an absolutely dreamy suite that gave us a breathtaking panoramic view on the landscape of Mykonos. And I can tell you that by sunset, it is truly something special and quite unforgettable in fact.

That evening, I wore a little pink dress by Vuitton for a night out in the city. Our plans? Dinner at Remezzo, which turned out to be one of my favorite restaurants in Mykonos (you absolutely need to try it out), followed by a wild party night. It’s very, very rare that I party when travelling as we’re always torn between work and business. But this time, like I said, since the purpose of this trip was more relaxing than usual, we allowed ourselves to party like Greek people : meaning without sleeping of the whole night! And it was truly worth it.



DRESS : Louis Vuitton(Similar Here)

SHOES : Hermès

BRACELET : Kriss & Jules

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