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In love with gold

I’ve been so excited to share this new article with you guys since a while now. Indeed, I was saving up one last entry  from India relating to the incredible experience we lived while visiting one of Jaipur’s most famous and prestigious jewelers : Munnu The Gem palace. Through Kayture and due to big interest, we’ve had the chance to visit some of the most famous manufactures in the world, producing high jewelry for houses like Piaget or Chopard. Being raised in Switzerland, craftsmanship is also something within the culture. BUT in this case, it was truly a mind blowing experience where all our perceptions of jewelry making found new boundaries. So daring colorful and innovative in it’s configuration, I’ve discovered a new art of the craftsmanship where each piece, unique and different, transports you to a completely different world.

From raindrops to waterfalls of diamonds, barely a piece of metal holding it all together, to gigantic necklaces with hidden lockets and messages, the pieces were mysterious, surprising and so unexpected! What obsessed me the most was the idea that the back of each piece is just as precise and crafted as the front. I love this approach and philosophy. After all if we have an emotional attachment to the piece and spent such fortune, why not have the part of the jewel that’s actually in contact with your bare skin be special instead of only projecting, almost  superficially, a beautiful surface without any spiritual depth behind?

I had the tremendous chance thanks to LoveGold to try some of the pieces and I can only tell you how much I wanted to run very far away and get lost in the middle of India with these magnificent jewels. Just hide somewhere in a cave where no one could find me and spend the rest of my days admiring such incredible beauty. If only… I figured it might not be that good of an idea. I found satisfaction in indulging myself by wearing different creations from the brand.

That day, we were enjoying some absolutely fabulous time in Jaipur with the adorable LoveGold team. The energy in this city was contagious. So many smiles, so much kindness. I think nobody has ever been that sweet to me than in this last hotel we stayed in. Each person, from the 5 star hotel manager to this cutie pie sweet girl in the streets goofing around while knocking at the window of our car was smiling to us, brightening our days along the way. The city felt so real and alive… For the day, I wore some Azva Jewels mixed up with some personal gold pieces and a Tolani tunique for a dressy yet comfortable and chic ensemble.


TOP : Tolani

SKIRT : Zara (Similar)

SHOES : Zara (Similar)

BAG : Gucci 

JEWELRY : Azva Seven Vows and Munnu Gem Palace, Courtesy of Love Gold

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