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A bit of paradise

There’s a reason why girl time is so important. There are just some things, us girls, can’t really, deeply discuss with men. Same thing goes for men, who simply can discuss everything with us women. I’m no feminist a feminist and all about girl power (P.S excuse the confusion, I’ve indeed had a misleading definition of feminism. thank you so much for enlightening me, really appreciate it). I’ve always had great male friends to have endless conversations with. Isn’t it quite of a stereotype to say men don’t like to talk or don’t tend to overthink things just like women do? Because I could swear they do.

It’s funny to observe the difference of perspective. Are we in the end that different? Or maybe, our genetics are the only thing that differentiate us? As I grew up, girly girl that I was, a lot of my best friends, especially when I was something around 10, were all dudes. Loved their simple approach to life. No gossip, no fighting for toys. I’d obviously always get the one that’s pink. And you know what, we also need our men to women moments. Facing the contrast.

On the other hand, 10 years later, a girl’s night out feels irreplaceable. And that’s why I couldn’t bare being surrounded by men 24/7 either : we need our girl talks more than ever. Seriously common, I try to stay as mature, and reasonable as possible, but from time to time, my tongue just burns and I need to ask that question : do you prefer smoothies or juices? Do you run or do you jog? Have you heard about that drama between Azzedine Alaia and Anna Wintour? Oh and by the way, I just found out the craziest trick to have perfectly sleek legs in summer. Air brushing!!!

My pinky just tells me these subjects wouldn’t interest my male demographic… now wouldn’t it?

However, I do love the fresh perspective a guy can bring to the table. For example, James, has such a rational way of seeing things. I always get excited with my creativity, my words, my analyzes (I love to deep think, it’s like scuba diving but instead you dive into your thoughts, absolutely fascinating)… He’s always there to sort of bring me to reality and that’s why I think we make such a great team.

But lately, as you may have seen, my babe Fiona has been very present in my life. Not only is she part of the Kayteam as our community manager, she’s also been travelling with us through Italy and then Greece. It’s very surprising to have a fresh face with us during all these adventures. James is very lucky to have two sugar pies like us by his side hehe. It’s definitely so much fun to be able to squeeze in a girl moment in the middle of a busy day. We sure do have some surprises awaiting you folks!

Fiona took the camera to shoot these images while we were in Sardinia at the Forte Village resort. It was our little girl’s paradise escape away from everything. We just grabbed my little Canon with us in case some beautiful landscapes were on the program, and they definitely were. Hope you’ll enjoy these images and all have an absolutely beautiful beginning of the week!


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