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Hugo boss fashion show

Hello everybody!!! I am currently writing this article from our hotel room in London as we just landed yesterday morning. From New York straight off to Heathrow, I slept all the way through the flight and once we landed it was a go go go right away with some awesome activities planned through the day. I have to say, my body’s having troubles to follow the pace, but my excitement somehow keeps it going! Although, I seriously need a MASSIVE nap. Gimme, gimme gimme.

It’s going to be our first time doing London fashion week and I seriously can’t wait as I first of all adore the city so much, and second of all love the style that people have here. There’s so much charm in those pretty little streets. But before talking about that, we have so many articles to show you from New York starting today with our coverage of the Hugo Boss show in New York, which was, as I expected, one of the highlights of the season without any doubt.

Located on the 54th floor of the world trade center, the venue was mind blowing with the view on the whole city. We started with a little trip backstage to see what the model’s hair and make-up would look like. It was in fact the perfect clue to what we’d see on the runway : sleek and minimalistic with this incredible touch of sophistication so proper to the brand. The eye and the lip were almost nude, while the hair, perfectly divided into two sleek symmetric sections to end loose at the bottom.

Once seated we enjoyed the new creations of Jason Wu for Boss for the SS15 collection. Always playing with cuts, lengths, structures to create there strong silhouettes yet filled with delicate, almost quite romantic twists. From my experience and because that day I wore a total Hugo Boss outfit, I know how flattering the designs created by Wu are. Always a little bellow the knee yet very low on the thigh, perfectly centered on the waist, it’s made for and thanks to the woman. It’s also so edgy and modern with it’s graphic cut outs and the simple way things tie together.

I hope you guys had the chance to follow the live stream on the day of the show! Some of you wrote me comments on how you saw me in there, being super attentive! I’m usually very concentrated during a fashion show and make super serious faces. Trying to keep it up with the industry hehe! But honestly inside of my head, I’m just like “Neeed this” “waaant this” “GIMME”.

I can’t be more grateful for this lasting and fruitful collaboration with Hugo Boss as it’s been a while that we’ve been covering the shows of the brand. And honestly, I am so excited each time as I know how good it’ll be. Each show, the brand sets a foot further to make fashion statements. That’s exactly what I love so much about it.



Jewelry by Kara Ross courtesy of LoveGold

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