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The bag to live with

It’s funny how men don’t always understand why women have so many bags. When I look at James, carrying in his back pocket a key and a small hand size, paper thin wallet, I wonder why am I so dependent of all the goodies I carry around. Why can’t I live the house without all of this stuff on a day to day basis? One thing that’s reassuring me is that at least twice a day, he’ll ask me for something, a tissue or some band aids. And SO there is indeed a utility in being all prepped up, organized with all living essentials, handy, easy to access of the go now isn’t there? After all, I like to think that if I wasn’t there with my big hand bag full of tricks for him, I would feel at least a little missed :)

By dad also always looks at my gazillion of bags with confusion and misunderstanding. But a bag is really any modern women’s best friend. We have one for each occasion, either it’s party, travel or business. And still the one we use the most is this timeless, big black bag that we live our lives with. It contains our agendas, or multitude of lipsticks (because we can NEVER choose just one for the day), our tickets, snacks, maybe even a pair of flats, or a book… We literally have it all, don’t we?

Having all these little things with me makes me feel at ease during the day, prepared for anything that the day might bring. Ready to fight the storm or switch for a dressier look in just a snap of red lipstick and pearl earrings safely stacked in the back pocket under a golden zipper lock. It almost makes we feel like Mary Poppins sometimes as I can seriously do magic with the treasures I carry around. Don’t underestimate it, it’s a science that takes years to fully master, and still have so many mysteries to figure out.

I like bags that are iconic, versatile, big enough to store everything, great and easy to combine with any look. When I first saw this beauty that Jason Wu created for Hugo Boss, I adored it at first sight for it’s simplicity, minimalism and especially modern silhouette. I’ve been wearing their accessories for quite a while now and honestly adore this piece more than anything else. It’s crazy how much I can put in it and how it dresses up any look I wear. The black leather is super soft and so the bag can really be filled in with tons of things without loosing it’s graphic shape. And of course, the golden details make it look so chic and timeless.

I can’t wait to share with you guys our fashion week diary as NYFW kicked off officially yesterday, but meanwhile discover my day strolling though Geneva with this treasure of a bag by Hugo Boss and stay updated as we have a little surprise planned with the brand for this fashion week!


Total Look Hugo Boss 

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