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Laid back elegance

Good morning folks! Writing live from our hotel room in Paris! I’ve been feeling like a real Nomad lately, travelling from city to city, hotel room to hotel room. I’m now officially used to intensive sessions of packing and re-packing. A process which I actually already mastered but recently became a real pro at. If there was an international packing exam or contest, I’d need to take part in it seriously. I can do 6 luggages in about an hour and repack everything just as quickly! Fire fire fire. Trying to keep it up, efficiency is key!!!

We just arrived in Paris after 8 intensive hours of trains. Because of strikes in the city and fashion week which held flights super busy, we didn’t have any other choice than travel that way, all flights being full. In fact, it ended up being the most convenient option as we have so many luggages! So there’s absolutely no pressure for the check-in, for the weight of each piece and etc… we could have taken as many things as we wanted and have everything near us while travelling, which is definitely a plus as I’m packed with quite some treasures…!

Because of our massive wi-fi issues in New York, I still have so many exciting articles to share with you from NYFW. This look was one of my very first ones from this season and definitely a surprising choice for me as I usually never wear flats during fashion week and even more less structures like these ones. But again, like I told you, this season, I have given myself the rule t have fun, to be playful and to experiment with fashion. Because I think that, that’s what it’s all about. I want to try new things out, unexpected combination of materials, structures, colors, cuts, play with the hair the make-up, and just get out of my comfort zone a little bit!!!

And honestly, wearing flats during a full day of shows, fittings and shoots was the best thing on earth. I’ve never experienced that feeling before as my feet were always swollen and red because of heels, but I might get slowly addicted to the idea! You just feel so much more light and fresh!!! Thank god it’s the big norm core trend! Might need to get a little influenced by that yet still by adding my personal little fun touch of chic and elegance hehe. I tried to stay away from all model material walking near the show to avoid feeling tiny like a clam.

Also, I am completely obsessed with this open back shirt from Hermès. The house was kind enough to allow me to wear some of their incredible creations during the fashion month. This blouse is definitely something worth checking out. So subtle and interesting, it definitely caught the whole attention of the outfit. I paired it with different Hermès accessories such as the flats and this absolutely insane transparent, vintage beach bag (found on Bella Bag). Finally, to complete the look and add a golden punctuation, I went with some H. Stern jewels, thanks to LoveGold. It definitely added an interesting, elevated twist to the whole look. I am especially a huge fan of this long, sleek and super geometrical earring which I chose to wear only on one side.

That day, we had the pleasure to attend the Lacoste show in the morning and witness their upcoming SS15 collection which I ended up loving so much. Super sporty and effortless, it seems like they managed to create the perfect “cool” silhouette. That girl who likes to tie her jackets around the waist while on the go, who wears long asymmetrical coats and doesn’t really care about her make-up or hair. There’s a will for comfort, for an ease of movement topped off with playful freshness that I really appreciated from the beginning until the end.


TOP : Hermès

SKIRT : Tara Jarmon

SHOES : Hermès

BAG : Hermès via Bella Bag

JEWELRY : H. Stern, courtesy of LoveGold

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