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Off duty chic

I can’t believe I am doing this. I CAN’T believe I am doing this. It’s fashion month, and I am posting probably my most casual outfit of them all today on the blog! How did it happen? Let me explain it to you. As you might have understood, fashion month is a big, hot, melty, maze. We run all day, barely have time to eat and even less to sleep. So we basically live on coffee and I personally on big doses of eye liner. Don’t get me wrong, no complaining here : I literally love it. It’s probably the most exciting period of the year. There are so many exciting things happening everything 30minutes. It’s an accumulation of unforgettable memories.

However, and I can guarantee that wearing jeans and a comfy pair of shoes sounds to me like the biggest luxury and comfort possible. Although my outfits this season have been all more casual and effortless than usual, so far at least, my feet still suffer hard. These fashion week blister, my my… High heels drama. I ended up deciding that I was tired of having headaches and nightmares just looking at these gigantic platforms. This season, I simply want to find pieces that make me feel great, look fantastic, and are great on the go partners.

It’s all about finding that pair that’s going to make you feel cozy and comfy. One you got it, you won’t able to take it off. Whether it’s summer of winter, I always have my favorite go to pieces when it comes to shoes and that’s why I am excited to share with you today this look with it’s double outfit, transitions from casual cool to more classy.

I always new UGG for their amazing fluffy boots. It was such a pleasure to wear 2 new pieces from their new collection and experience this incredible confort while off duty in between two shows. So chic, elegant and timeless, these two pairs are so versatile and easy to play with. Both of them have different twists, one more classic, the other one almost boyish. It’s so important to find peace and ease in the middle of this craziness : bringing in some flats was the best idea ever. My feet were SO happy to be inside these soft, heaven sent marshmallow booties. Enjoy the images babe! Hope you like them.


DRESS : Margiela

BOOTS : Uggs

BAG : Stella McCartney

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