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Where it all begins

All your comments on the previous article where oh so hear warming… How incredible it was to start the day by reading some of your words! You guys seriously rock. Thank you SO much for everything. I can’t wait to see all that’s ahead, and I can promise, there’s so much. What I love about blogging, is how I can work from everywhere and feel connected with you guys in each city. It’s honestly so awesome to meet some of you in Switzerland, in Paris, in New York. It almost feels like having friends all over the world! The power of social media!!!

We are going to kick off our fashion week coverage tomorrow with my very first NYFW look! Looking forward to share some of my insights regarding this season as we’re really doing it all : 4 cities, in less than a month and without a single stop home to refresh. It is going to be something. For me, doing fashion weeks is like being part of something historical. Whether we like it or not, fashion is part of all our lives. It affects us without us even knowing it. It’s the only art that truly embodies, movements, convenience, architecture and colors and goes as far as being a social indicator or simply vital armor to fight through the day while adding a nice pop of color!

I find it so amazing to be able to witness the creations of all the designers who not only aim to create something new, different, intriguing but who also create our new envelopes paying attention to the consumer’s current demand. Fashion is so closely linked to sociology, it evolves and moves with the people. It goes as far as saying that fashion can even changes roles and perspectives, the blazer and more masculine style being introduced by some fashion labels for women when the right to work wasn’t even applied yet. And nowadays, it’s all about the comfort. In our hectic lives, I can see how the collections breath the ease. There’s definitely a will for comfort.

As much as it is fascinating to attend the shows and discover the new collection (isn’t it crazy to know what people will wear two seasons ahead!?) it’s also so much fun to make fashion and to set statements. Streetstyle is definitely part of the fashion week fun. It’s an occasion for all influencers to meet and have fun together and to set trends together with the street style crowd. Can’t wait to share with you all the looks that we came up with. But for me, this season it’s all about doing something different, less mainstream and much more researched in terms of cuts, shapes and combination. I wanted to open my mind to new things, not just flattering, sleek straight cuts, but bombers, loose trousers and big sweaters. Fashion is all about having fun isn’t it?

Last but not least, we’re super honored to announce LoveGold as our official fashion week partners! You’ll be able to discover each day a new look featuring gold jewelry from different designers that I am looking forward to introduce you to. Today, and to show you this pre-NYFW look, I am happy to introduce you to the work of Jemma Wynne and Susan Foster. Two incredible brands that I had a huge pleasure to wear. It’s delicate, versatile and yet so playful. Loved mixing up the pieces, it adds the perfect, luxurious touch to this all black, timeless and elegant outfit.



DRESS : Self Portrait 

SHOES : Manolo Blahnik 

BAG : Sophie Hulme Via Monnier Frères

JEWELS : Jemma Wynne & Susan Foster courtesy of LoveGold

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