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Write your own story

It is always such pleasure when working with such tremendously beautiful brands like Montblanc to explore and discover more in depth their products. Not only in Switzerland but also worldwide, it’s definitely one of those statement labels known for their sophisticated, luxurious, sleek and above all iconic aesthetics that always quite fascinated me. In fact, I knew that for my dad’s birthday, I needed to find him a timeless Montblanc writing piece so that he could have a spice of me with him anywhere he goes and write stories down from the tip of it’s ink, knowing that I’m thinking about him no matter what. I got it in black and engraved with some honey sweet words.

With time, I became so sensitive to quality. I believe it is because living in Switzerland, we’re surrounded by such an incredible market of jewelers, the bar is set so high. The craftsmanship is truly something unique. And so when I have the chance to stumble upon a treasure like this gorgeous Montblanc writing tool, I can’t but be in awe. It’s small to be handy enough to take everywhere with you, almost quite mystical in the way it opens up by twisting the bottom to release the tip, so elegant with it’s royal blue gem stone yet timeless and discrete with it’s pure white color. I felt so proud and honored to simply hold it my hand.

Writing has always been something extremely important to me as you may have noticed. I need to put my thoughts out there. It’s almost like my therapy session. I love expressing my emotions and really believe in the idea that we all write our own stories. I guess this is really the main, key message I want to share on Kayture actually. Is that no matter where you are, who you are, what you do, you can, with the help of your creativity and ideas, create the most incredible tale and strive to achieve your dreams.

Words are just as important as actions for me, they help me stay centered and focused. They invite me to dream and to escape from time to time as well in this busy life. Since I’m a little kid, I always loved drawing and of course music has always been a big part of my life. I spend hours writing song lyrics and have dozens of notebooks filled in with quotes, rhymes and verses. Even though I’m constantly glued to my computer, I need this bond with something tangible. Be able to hold a piece of paper in my hand, let my hand loose on paper with some ink. There are after all so many ways to write stories.


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