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Fall in the air

Today is a special day!!! You might wonder why. Well, for several reasons. First of all, after more than a month of travelling across the world without a single stop, I am finally back in Geneva! And honestly, it feels so strange and almost crazy. It’s as if I don’t really know where to put myself or how to use my hands anymore. After such an intensive month, it feels surreal to even have time to sleep in the morning or eat like a normal person 3 times a day. I know it may be hard to imagine how crazy busy fashion month is, I was the first one not to realize the amount of work that goes into it before actually doing it, but it’s definitely the most challenging yet rewarding period of the year. And after 6 seasons, we’re still not experts. Each year, we learn something new and improve ourselves. I can only say that I am already excited for February to come.

We don’t have much time to rest however as we have a big announcement. It’s been a while that we wanted to move and establish a second home base for Kayture. We can finally say it, we are moving to Los Angeles for the next month and a half where we just found a house! We’ll be living between L.A and Switzerland for now as I am willing to keep an eye on Europe and the States at the same time. It was the best solution. So no time to snuggle around, on Sunday we’ll be taking off to my favorite place on earth where I’ll be working on the biggest project of my life. I am sure many of you know what it’s about… I don’t want to phrase it as simply thinking about it gives me chills. All I can say is that I have more energy than ever and am willing to give all my heart and soul into this.

Fashion month has been extremely tiring yes, but surprisingly it gave me even more energy. Seing the result of our efforts pay off is so incredibly rewarding. We all feel so enriched as people, grateful and blessed for all the incredible experiences we went through. Our goals for the upcoming couple of months are already set. We know exactly where we are moving and what we want to do. I’d even say that our drive has never been bigger and our heads, never as focused. I think we’ll have some amazing stories to share with you in the next couple of months.

Today is also a special day because I am sharing with you probably one of my most favorite looks of this fashion month. I’ve had the most wonderful and incredible bond with Chloé for the longest time. It’s a brand that I can so relate to for it’s aesthetic, values, spirit and imagery. The Chloé girl is free, effortless, bohemian and romantic by heart yet daring, eccentric and full of life. She’s vibrant yet slightly careless, passionate about the world, the eyes and the mind opened to her surrounding. She’s a nonchalante perfectionist, sensitive to beauty all around her. I am so fascinated and intrigued by this girl that I was willing to channel her in this article that we shot in Paris right after attending their show. I can only hope that I am a little bit like her. Something inside allows me to understand and feel that way too. After all, I am sure that she’s in all of us. As free and passionate as life makes us.

Last but not least, to add a special touch to this look, I carried with me that day a pair of these pretty Hugo Boss sunnies that I received after my shooting for the Safilo Social Eyes project which I will share with you in a couple of days. It’s hard for me to find a pair of sun glasses I truly love, but these ones have that beautiful, timeless twist to them, almost Audrey Hepburn like, which I love. Plus that little wood detail on the wings was perfect with the setting of this shoot. Enjoy!



COAT : Chloé

DRESS : Chloé

BAG : Chloé (find it on Net A Porter)

SHOES : Louboutin

SUNNIES : Hugo Boss

CROWN : Eugenia Kim (from Monnier Frères) 

RING : Karapetyan 

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