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Margiela in paris

There were days in Paris where we had to pinch ourselves to make sure we were truly awake in the middle of such a marvelous and unforgettable experience… Being able to attend all these shows, meet so many incredible people, wear all these wonderful clothes, it all felt almost surreal. With the fast pace of fashion month, you don’t really have time to ask yourself too many questions or put things in perspectives and contemplate : you just need to go with the flow.

Now that I look back at all the things we experienced, it feels out of this world. I can’t be more proud and happy of all the things we achieved, doors we opened and goals we fulfilled. World, we’re ready for you! This season really lift us up, we always learn so much during fashion month yet this year exceeded all our expectations. In such challenging periods, your brain just functions differently and you go straight to the point. You’re deepest, most vulnerable personality comes out and you’re face to face with yourself figuring it all out. This whole journey definitely empowered us all so much.

That day I had the chance to attend the Margiela show during Paris fashion week wearing one of their beautiful dresses. To add a little personal touch to it, I picked this awesome Olympia Le Tan clutch from Net A Porter as the final detail. It was such a big honor to be invited to the show. Margiela is definitely one of these names you think of straight away when you talk about pure, raw fashion. The brand is complete genius, a real visionary of our times where the design rules and not the face behind it, leaving the credit to the art and the creation. One of the first shows I’ve ever truly paid attention to was in fact Margiela. There’s this mysterious aura about it where you don’t really know who the designer is, where the models are neutral, serving the purpose of the clothes, where fashion meets art and push the limits together.

That time the show was a breath of fresh air in the middle of fashion month. Models came out looking as if they just had a 3 hour work out session, showered and forgot to dry their hair, threw on flower print dress on and just went out. It was surprisingly romantic and feminine for Margiela, with a lot of floral prints, wrap skirts and dresses. Yet, we could notice an overall sporty, effortless vibe and recognizable playfulness with the asymmetries of the structures so proper to the house. A subtle Japanese inspiration was running throughout the pieces with kimono looking details and straight skirts. But that’s not it, there was also knit and sheer body suits, crop tops and tights. It was a perfectly diverse and rich collection which caught our attention from the very first second until the last. One thing for fact : daisies are in. So go get ’em.





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CLUTCH : Olympia Le Tan through Net A Porter

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