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Parc de luxembourg

Hello sweet peas! New week, new article. I am so happy right now, I can’t even explain. Adding a million exclamation points couldn’t even describe my level of excitement at this very moment. Right after we finished fashion month, we had two days of break in Switzerland which in fact resulted in us getting ready for our next adventure. No time to rest, we were ready to leave for… Los Angeles!

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, we are moving there half time to work on one of my biggest personal projects ever. I am sure a lot of you know what it is all about, still I’ll keep the mystery until the very last second just to make you guys wonder and raise my excitement at the same time. If it wasn’t high enough. We got a house and in fact, as I am writing these words, we just moved in and settled down! You can check my Instagram if you’d like to have a little peek. It’s so cozy, warm and welcoming. It will be the perfect place for us to develop our project.

I still have so many fabulous memories from fashion month. It’s going to take me a couple of weeks to go through all the content we created. Bare with us, there are so many stunning images waiting! Usually every time I’m back from fashion weeks, I have a little down period where I try to digest all the things we lived and experienced in such a short amount of time. It’s such a big, challenging and overwhelming period. This time as we were leaving so quickly, I had to get over my emotions pretty quickly, which is good as I am such a big goofball of sensitivity. We’re ready for a new journey.

We shot this article in the Parc de Luxembourg in Paris (as you may have figured out because from the title hehe) right before the Hermès show. It was my first season to ever attend it. Exactly two years ago I was invited yet sadly missed it. Can’t even tell you how disappointed I was. But thankfully, everything went well this time and it was truly the most amazing experience ever. For the occasion, I wanted to play with classics. This Chloé suit felt like the perfect match with this gorgeous, green background. And what is better than a Hermès Kelly picnic bag for a little stroll in the parc? Isn’t it the chicest accessory you could ever have? I mean come on. Of course, I packed some finger sandwiches and bottles of fresh mimosa in it… No of course not! But I seriously thought about it! How perfect would it have been to lay on a cozy blanket in a Chloé suit and Hermès Kelly picnic bag filled with fine food. Sounds very good to me….!!!

For the occasion, I wore some new jewels from Aurélie Bidermann which again combined perfectly with the ambiance and theme of this article which is all about nature with a luxury twist. I love her designs as there are so many details and so much charm in them, with some of the pieces looking almost like modern, revisited antiques. All made out of real high carat gold, it was the perfect look to end our beautiful collaboration with LoveGold during this fashion month! It’s really been all about gold this season, hope you guys enjoyed discovering all the pieces as I much as I loved wearing them.



SUIT : Chloé (Similar Here & Here)

BAG : Hermès

SCARF : Hermès

SHOES : Louis Vuitton (Similar Here)

JEWELS : Aurélie Bidermann courtesy of LoveGold

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