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Run wild

Happy sunday to everybody! I just woke up this morning in our super cozy little Los Angeles house, ready for another warm day in the city of angels. I’ve been kept extremely busy with my project, so much that I’ve barely found time to Instagram as much as I usually do. But, I know how much it’s so incredibly worth it… I’ve been hibernating in house with the team, working day and night, reaching for our biggest dreams. I feel like things are really going to change in the next couple of months… and I am so ready for it.

What we are working on right now, is probably the biggest project I’ve ever lead in my life. I feel like I am getting completely out of my comfort zone and that’s what gets me the most excited. I am getting into something new, but something I’ve always been dreaming about. I don’t want to settle down with some of the achievements we managed to muscle, instead I want to acknowledge my passions and push the boundaries, push them together. And never be afraid to fight and pursue a dream that I had since I was born… I would regret it all my life.

And that’s actually another reason why I am so happy to share with you guys today the second part of our collaboration with Rita & Zia around their new “CHAOS” jewelry collection, in stores now. It’s all about embracing your wilder side, letting yourself go to love, to dream, to be yourself, to be creative and to think outside the box. It’s the acceptance of Chaos being a natural, and beautiful element of life that we all have to learn to live with and to embrace.

It was so interesting for me to explore this new look, more punk, more wild and free. It was so much fun, I almost felt like I was playing somehow a new character. I of course had to add in my little touch of chic with the burgundy lips and sleek line of eye liner. I love how the jewelry stands out. It was all about stacking it up, mixing everything together without any rules. Because that’s what fashion is about, it’s all about having pleasure and feeling as free as possible to express ourselves and to create what truly affects us.

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